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Adopt-a-School at Ford creates new ways to play at school

 Adopt-A-School at Ford
With the help of 52 volunteers, the Adopt-a-School program added fun and useful features to the play areas at Ford Elementary on April 16, 2016. Volunteers also helped with needed cleaning, repairs, and renovations.

The crew accomplished the following jobs:

Pick up the grounds
Wash windows
Wipe doorknobs
Paint three four-square courts
Paint curbs
Paint a "No Numbers" line
Paint race track and shapes
Paint two hopscotches
Re-paint the backside of a mural
Organize and clean storage shed
Brush low overhang and eaves
Rake and spread woodchips in play equipment areas
 Adopt-A-School at Ford
 Forty Henry staff and family members and twelve students pitched in on Saturday.
Adopt-a-school at Ford.
 The garden features several raised beds.

Volunteers came from the Ford staff and school community, district administration and employees, and community members. Through the contribution of 208 volunteer hours of labor, the district saved $3,120.00.

Project managers Nicole Fisher and Sue Heathcote identified several victories:

Muffins and cookies were provided by the Ford Elementary PTA.
Enough volunteers were present for the workload.
Assignment of Task Leaders worked especially well with organizing the shed.
Use of skilled District staff kept standards high and reduced the man-hours required for certain tasks.
All identified tasks were completed during the work day.
Work was done safely.
Ford Elementary School staff and families expressed appreciation for the work completed.
 Adopt-A-School at Ford
TUSD staff joined in to accomplish over ten projects.

In its second year, the Adopt-A-School Program continues to be a successful way to bring together school staff and families, district leadership, Facilities staff, and Tucson community members to build, repair, renovate and beautify our schools.
Adopt-A-School at FordAdopt-A-School at FordAdopt-A-School at FordAdopt-A-School at Ford