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C.E. Rose Color Run 2017

By C.E. Rose students: Juan Fierros, Camila Medina, Naomi Valenzuela, and Avayah Johnson

Student jumping ropeCE Rose hosted their first color run on November 22, 2017 on held on the inner field of the track. The elective that introduced and hosted the color run was Student Council. The color run was made for students in 3rd through 5th grade. This event was a fundraising event for the school, requiring all participating students to pay $3 as well as having a snack bar available for students and staff. All funds raised benefit other events that will be held later on in the school year. Students were instructed to wear old clothes so they would not damage their school uniforms.

During the even there were four different obstacles the students ran through. Volunteers from the Yearbook, Student Council, along with other eighth graders from Ms. Kennedy's, and Mr. Washington's class helped throw and make the color/powder had to throw the different colored powders at students. The colored powder was a mixture of cornstarch, water and food coloring. It was also up to Student Council to set up the different obstacles for the participants. Volunteers also stayed afterward and cleaned up the area the run was held in.

According to the eighth grade volunteers "When students who had attend the event been asked how they liked it they replied saying that they're first impression on it was that it would be boring and not fun. In the end they also did say it was a lot more fun than they thought it would be and hope to do another similar event."

Student council leader Ms. Kennedy said, "The students decided to do the color run and organized it basically by themselves. I was able to facilitate and chaperone and make announcements regarding the color run. It was a great event; very successful."

Tub of colored chalk powderStudents running through obstaclesStudents

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