Mansfeld Middle School Students Present at National Conference

Photo of Mansfeld students at conference

Eighth-grade students from Ms. Maria Balguer's CR/GATE social studies class at Mansfeld Middle School presented at the 2019 National Association of Multicultural Education conference in Tucson in November 2019. The students showcased their work in a culturally relevent/GATE unit titled "A Dream Deferred."

Photo of Mansfeld student at conferenceStudents worked with Kevan A. Kiser-Chuc, PhD, CRPI MT at Tucson Unified. The class is a collaboration between TUSD's Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy and Instruction (CRPI) department and the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) department.

For their projects, students selected individuals of America History who have gone unnoticed in the dominant historical narrative. The individuals selected worked for social justice in their communities from the American Revolutionary War to current LGBTQ+ issues. Students composed odes to celebrate these individuals, which were elaborated through multimodal representations, either through visual arts or in form of a Poetry Slam.

"Before I went up on the stage to present," said Jaxson Banhie, eighth-grade poet, "I was very scared and nervous. But once I got up, it felt as though all my nerves were gone, or I was numb. After I had finished, my heart was still racing, but I felt relieved and happy that I finished it. In the end, I enjoyed the opportunity I was given and am appreciative for it." (Read Jaxson's Ode to Harriet Tubman below.)

Student Poems

Ode to Harriet Tubman

By Jaxson Banhie

Araminta Ross, you were born a slave
You were beaten and disfigured
You were African American
And an anti-slavery worker

Harriet Tubman, you were like a light in the darkness of slavery
You saved slaves from their eerie graves
Harriet Tubman, you were a spy
Under the dark, night sky

Harriet Tubman, you were born into slavery
But you showed amazing bravery
You knew the code
And helped people escape using the Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman, the administration doesn't acknowledge your Excellence
You deserve to be on the twenty ever since
You accomplished so much in your life
You made 19 trips without a single knife

Araminta Ross, you were the light in the darkness

Ode to Irena Sendler

By Caitlyn Rosenbluth

Ode to Irena Sendler  
To the 2,500 children you saved from the camps in which they were enslaved
To the secrets you kept even when you had no chance of being saved
Ode to Irena Sendler
To the daring men and woman
That saw everyone as human
Ode to Irena Sendler
To the ones at your side
To the ones that got you out a day before you were scheduled to die
Ode to Irena Sendler

Ode to Irena Sendler
To the nurses that helped you treat the worse
To all your smiles that were forced
Ode to Irena Sendler
To helping the weak
To watching people find what they seek
Ode to Irena Sendler
To standing up strong and knowing their wrong
To the Polish Underground that tried to make sure everyone was found
Ode to Irena Sendler

Ode to Irena Sendler
To the sacrifices you made
To make sure you took care of everyone that needed your aid
Ode to Irena Sendler
To you being kicked when you were down
But still standing up so the children wouldn’t be found
Ode to Irena Sendler
To fighting to survive
To coming out alive
Ode to Irena Sendler

Ode to The Autistic Child

by Luthor Aaronson-Glaab

You are smart but they do not know
You are abstract but they do not understand
You have needs but they do not know how to give it to you
You have interesting ideas yet they ridicule you for it
You are special but they treat you like you are an disaster
Sometimes they use you for their own entertainment
Sometimes They do not understand so they lock you up or worse kill you
Sometimes You get distressed and rage
Sometimes You need more but you get none and you fail
Sometimes Your parents do not understand and you get abused
And then you break

Photo of Mansfeld student at conference

Photo of Mansfeld student at conference

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