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Arizona Tax Credit Contribution Information

TUSD accepts credit card payments for Public School Tax Credit Contributions.

Click here to make your credit card payment. Select one or more schools and one or more activities to support.

You can contribute more than once. For example, monthly contributions might be easiest.

Image for 'You Can Do Both'How Much Can You Contribute?
Single individuals (or married, filing separately) can receive a credit of up to $200.

Married couples filing a joint return can receive a credit of up to $400.

What's the Benefit of Public School Tax Credits?
Tax credit contributions support extracurricular activities for grades K-12. Those activities help keep kids in school, improve their attendance and help them learn and grow.

You benefit, too. When you participate, you reduce your State tax liability by the amount you contribute. You get your money back, dollar-for-dollar, in the form of a tax reduction.

Any Arizona taxpayer can participate! If you have relatives anywhere in Arizona, encourage them to contribute to your child's school right here in Tucson.

And don't forget that you can contribute to both the Arizona Public School Tax Credit and the Charitable Tax Credit to help TUSD schools in two ways!

Please consult your tax professional for more information.

Participate Now
So give kids the extra credit – the tax credit contribution that pays for extracurricular activities.

Here's How
Make your contribution by credit card now or write a check and complete our printable form (in PDF). Contributions postmarked January 1, 2019-April 15, 2019 may be claimed on either your 2018 or 2019 taxes--you choose!

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AZ Tax Credit - Contribute online!
Parent/Guardian Account | Guest Account

Here's An Example:

Jane Doe, A Single Mom, Contributes

Jane Doe, a single tax payer, will owe $100 to the state of Arizona when she files her tax return by April 15 of next year. Jane wants to support her daughter's school this year, so she contributes $100 to an extracurricular activity at the school – a music program.

When Jane files her state tax return by April 15 of next year, she uses Form 322 and Form 301 to take her $100 tax credit. As a result, she owes the State $0. She owes $0 because she gets a $100 tax credit – the amount she paid to her daughter's school. She gets every dollar back.

What if Jane Doe only contributed $50 to the school? Then she would owe just $50 in state income tax.