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Schools Receiving the Lowest Per-Student Contributions

Image for 'You Can Do Both'The twenty-five schools listed below received the lowest dollar amount of tax credit contributions per student in 2017.

The list begins with the school receiving the fewest dollars per student.

These schools received an average contribution ranging from $12.85 to $23.30 per student.

The average contribution among all Tucson Unified schools is $59.71 per student.

Your tax credit contribution to any of these schools is especially appreciated.

How to Contribute

  • To Contribute by Credit Card
    Contribute by credit card by clicking on any school listed below.
  • Contribute to One or More Schools
    Add buttonYou can contribute to more than one school. If you wish to do so, contributing by credit card is convenient. Simply select one school and make a contribution. Then click on the "+ Add" button to select another school and continue. You will see the schools selected and total amount before you check out.

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