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How can your coaches help you?

Would you like to improve your health, lose weight, improve cholesterol, reduce hypertension, manage diabetes or stress? Do you need fresh ideas for eating well or putting life back into a tired or retired exercise routine? If so, contact your health coaches.

Health coaches are available to provide personalized support and information on the following topics:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss or Gain
  • Stress Management
  • Lifestyle Disease Management
  • Self-Care

Support from your health coach is available to you at no cost. Health coach services are free and confidential!

Health coaches work for the Wellness Council of Arizona and are sub-contracted to serve the health interests of employees. All information shared with your coaches will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any management personnel or any other employees.

Meet Your Coaches

  • Health Coach by Location Flier (in PDF)
    Wondering which health coach serves your location?
  • Health Coach AnisaHealth Coach Anisa

    “Work life balance is an important part of addressing your needs in all aspects of your life. As a full time health coach, part time graduate student, intern and a newlywed, I am putting work life balance theory into practice, and I would love to help you do the same in your life!”

    Coach Anisa supports 1010, Bonillas, Borman, Dietz, Erickson, Ford, Lineweaver, Miles,  Myers-Ganoung, Palo Verde, Rincon, Roberts-Naylor, Santa Rita, Sewell, STARR Center, Steele, TAP, University, Vail and Wheeler.

  • Health Coach CodyHealth Coach Cody

    “A fun fact about me: I will never tell you to go on a diet. We are here to make lifestyle changes and enjoy living! Let's figure out how to be healthy and live our best life!”

    Coach Cody supports Annex, Carillo, Cavett, Davis, Direct Link, Drachman, Facilities, Food Services, LIRC, Mansfeld, Print Shop, Project MORE, Pueblo Gardens, Robison, Roskruge, Safety, Safford, Transportation Central, Tucson High and Utterback.

  • Health Coach DebbieHealth Coach Debbie

    “I am a Tucson native who attended schools that I am currently a health coach for: Henry, Gridley and Sahuaro.”

    Coach Debbie supports Bloom, Booth-Ficket, Collier, Dodge, Duffy, Dunham, Fruchthendler, Gale, Gridley, Henry, Hudlow, Kellond, Magee, Marshall, Mary Meredith, Sabino, Sahuaro, Schumaker, Secrist, Soleng Tom, Transportation East and Whitmore.

  • Health Coach IrisHealth Coach Iris

    “I believe nachos are the ultimate comfort food. And guess what? I’ve mastered making them equally healthy and delicious. Ask me how you can modify your eating experience to do the same.”

    Coach Iris supports Banks, Borton, C.E. Rose, Cholla, Grijalva, Holladay, Hollinger, Johnson Primary, Lawrence, Lynn Urquides, Maldonado, McCorkle, Miller, Oyama, Pistor, Pueblo, SW Education Center, Transportation West, Valencia, Van Buskirk, Vesey, Warren and White.

  • Health Coach JoanHealth Coach Joan

    “I aspire to help you have a happier, healthier life... though you may have to put up with my beloved 70’s and 80’s music to get there.”

    Coach Joan supports Blenman, Brichta, Catalina, Cragin, Davidson, Doolen, Howell, Manzo, Maxwell, Mission View, Ochoa, Robins, Sam Hughes, Tolson, Tully and Wright.


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