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Work Stoppage FAQ for Employees

Q. How will the school closures affect my pay?
A. When the Governing Board voted to close schools to employees effective Wednesday, May 2, employee compensation halted. At Warren Elementary, the closure began May 1.

Q.Do I just lose that money?
A. All employees will have an opportunity to make up the lost time. School and department leaders have created plans for their sites. You will receive information about the plans as soon as they are approved by TUSD leadership and employee groups.

Q.Since the District was closed May 2-May 4 (May 1 at Warren) and I was not allowed to work, will I be docked?

  1. If you are an exempt employee, you will be docked for the three days that the District was closed. (Four days for Warren Elementary employees.)
  2. If you are a non-exempt employee (hourly), you did not work and clock hours, therefore you would not be paid for those days.

Q.What will my May 18 paycheck look like?
A: Your paycheck will be smaller than normal because you will be docked for at least three days. (Warren Elementary will be docked for four.)

Q.If I am on 26-pays for summer pay, how will I be affected?
A. Tucson Unified will not withhold a summer pay deduction from the May 18 check, which will already be affected by docking during the closure. The deduction will resume the following pay period.

Q.How will my future paychecks look?
A. Non-exempt employees will see payment for the time they chose to make up in the checks issued for those pay periods. Exempt employees will receive makeup wages spread over their remaining checks.

Q.How will I make up the hours I missed when schools were closed to employees?
A. See your supervisor for your specific plan.

Q.Can employees use leave time instead of working the extended hours?
A. Yes. Leave policy requirements would apply.

Q.What if I am not and a teacher and am not on a 12-month work calendar?
A. Employees who work less than 12 months will not be paid for May 2, May 3 or May 4. (Warren employees will not be paid for May 1, May 2, May 3 or May 4). This does not apply Food Services, Brichta and Schumaker.

Q . Am I am able to use available leave balances at the end of their school year.
A. Yes. Leave policy requirements would apply.

Q.I am a non-exempt hourly employee. If I work overtime will I be paid?
A. Overtime must be pre-approved by your supervisor and will be paid.

Q.What about the days I took off before schools were closed to employees?
A. Leave taken before schools were closed to employees is not affected.

Q.I am a 12-month hourly (non-exempt) employee. How does this affect my pay?
A. If you are on a 12-month work calendar, you will be paid as normal for all hours approved in Time Clock Plus.

Q.I am a salary (exempt) employee, how will my check be affected for the May 18 payday?
A. All salary employees who work 12 months will be paid as normal.

Q.How does this affect my health and dental benefits?
A. Health and dental benefits are not affected.

Q.Are there any staff members who will not have an opportunity to makeup hours from the closure?
A. All employees will have an opportunity to make up the time lost starting May 2. (May 1 for Warren Elementary).

Q.I am retiring at the end of the year, what does this do to my retirement date?
Your retirement date should reflect your last planned work day. If this has changed, you will need to work with ASRS directly to change this.

Q.What if I think my pay is wrong?
A. Please confirm your hours in TimeClock Plus and consult with your time editor.

Q.What if I have more questions?
A. If your supervisor or office manager can't answer your questions, please send them to