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  • Principal's Message for October 2018
    Dear Miller Community,


    The first quarter has flown by and now it is time for Fall Break!  We have had so many exciting events such as the book fair, parent/teacher conferences, field trips, etc.  Events like this really make us appreciate our parents and community. 

    When we return from break, your child will be receiving their report card.  There may be some grey areas without a number.  Those areas are left blank because that standard was not taught or the teacher did not have evidence to give your child a grade for that area.  Report cards will be sent home on Tuesday, October 16th.


    This month brings lots of celebrations such as the Fall Festival and Halloween.  Once again, we will allow the students to dress up for the Fall Festival and Halloween.  If you decide to send your student in costume, please be sure that they aren't gory because we don't want our little ones to be scared.  Also, please adhere to TUSD dress code guidelines so they aren't too revealing and leave any pretend weapons at home.  Miller is not responsible for any costumes that may be damaged or lost.


    Last, I hope that everyone has a great Fall Break.  Thank you for making the beginning of this school year successful for your children and for us.



    Maricella Carranza, M. Ed.


What Makes Us Special
Miller Elementary is committed to maintaining a positive learning community where students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for contributing to a multi-cultural society.

Teachers use arts and technology as tools to help connect with children. The Opening Minds through the Arts (OMA) program incorporates language arts, math, social studies and science into visual and performing arts programs. Every class has access to an interactive electronic response system that teachers can use to gather student opinions and generate discussion topics.

Miller also values parent and community involvement. The school has community representatives who encourage parents to be involved in the school, and families are invited to monthly meetings on topics that relate to their children’s education.

  • Safety Information
    Please be sure that you sign in at the front office any time you are visiting campus.  You will be given a visitor sticker so adults on campus can identify that you have checked in.  If you don't have one, you will be stopped and asked to check in at the office.
  • Tardy Students
    We have a lot of students arriving late to school.  If your child is arriving after 8:30 am, please come in to the office with them and sign them in.  This helps us make sure they made it onto campus safely and aren't marked absent.
  • Designated Parking Spaces
    Please do not park in any of the parking spaces that are designated for school staff or law enforcement.  The spaces need to be available for these people to get our of the school quickly in case of an emergency.
School Hours and Student Drop off
  • School Hours
    School begins at 8:20 am every weekday.

    School ends at 2:30 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

    Wednesday dismissal is at 1:30 pm.

  • Parent Drop-off and Pick up
    Please drop off your student in the designated drop off area of campus:

    Located on the northeast side of campus (by the 4th grade building).  

    Please pull up as far as you can so we can fit as many cars as possible.

    The flagpole is not a drop off or pick up zone.

    It creates traffic issues and there is no monitor to ensure student safety.

6951 S Camino de la Tierra
Tucson, AZ 85746
(520) 908-4200

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