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Tucson Unified School District - Next Steps 2020. A new era for education

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How to Make your Choice in ParentVUE

Important: All families must log into ParentVUE to choose the learning model for each child by Sunday, November 1, 2020. Please follow the ParentVUE steps below.

  1. Log into ParentVUE
  2. Review and Accept or Decline Hybrid Acknowledgement waiver. (Click on the Waiver link to sign.)
  3. In the upper right corner choose Online Registration.
  4. Select Choose 2020-2021 Remote or Hybrid Learning from the drop down.
  5. Click through the pages until you reach the Child Information page.
  6. On your child's information page Click "Edit".
  7. The next page will be the Instructional Choice. Please use the drop down to make your choice (Remote or Hybrid).
  8. Click to the end and submit your registration.
  9. You will then receive an email stating you have made an update.

If you have other questions or need help with ParentVUE, please contact your school.

Your Learning Options

Opciónes - Híbrido (aprendizaje en persona modificado) Y Aprendizaje remoto en casa

Remote Learning will continue for this 2020-2021 school year. Begninning Nov. 12, our district will also offer a hybrid learning option (modified in-person learning). The Governing Board voted to approve this start date at the October 27 Governing Board Meeting.

Students already registered in TUSD can follow the steps listed on this page under "How to Make Your Choice in ParentVUE."

Students new to the district will first need to register at one of our schools and then may opt-in for either Remote or Hybrid Instruction.

Please note, elements of our plan may be subject to change based on new information and guidance from the State and health agency partners. We will continue to share relevant updates with our community.

Detailed Information

If you use ParentVUE Mobile App...

If you do not have access to a desktop computer and rely on using your phone to access the Internet or if you only access ParentVUE through the mobile app, please see the information below:

  • You can activate your ParentVUE account using the ParentVUE App. Read How to Activate ParentVUE account through mobile application. (in PDF).
  • Online Registration is not available through the mobile app, so you cannot use it to make your selection for In-School or Remote Learning, to answer the three quesitons, or to complete or update online registration.
  • If your phone has a web browser (Chrome or another web browser), you can log into ParentVUE at This will allow you to select In-School or Remote Learning, to answer the three questions related to your technology needs, and to complete or update online registration.
  • You can also call your school, and the office staff can manually enter your selection, update registration, and enter your answers to the three questions.
  • If you are new to the district, please call or email School Community Services, 520-225-6400 or We are eager to help you!

New to the District? Questions?

We want to talk to you!

If you are new to the district, or if you have questions about which school your children will attend, please call or email School Community Services at (520) 225-6400 or

We will walk you through the process from selecting a school to registering!

If your children are already enrolled at any of our schools, please contact those schools, and we'll be happy to help you with registration, scheduling, and ParentVUE access codes.

We're looking forward to helping you!


The Hybrid Learning Student Experience

icon for In-School Learning

On the Bus

  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask/face-covering during transport.
  • Sanitizing procedures will be conducted after each school run and at the end of the day.

Instruction Model (K-12)

For the in-person model, masks/face-covering and safety protocols are required.

Sample Schedule (in PDF)

  • Students will be in their teachers' classroom four days a week in the mornings. If the number of in-person students is larger than deemed safe, the school will split the in-person students into cohorts to limit the number of people present. In the afternoon, student will go home and will be working on structured assignments remotely on their own (asynchronously) or they will receive specialized lessons such as counseling, OMA/Fine Arts, PE, Library, etc.
  • On Wednesdays, all students will be participating in teacher-led classes (synchronous) remotely from home.
  • Students will use their laptop both at home and at school to diminish the exchange of materials in the classroom.
  • On in-person days, students will participate in typical classroom learning with enhanced health and safety measures, including wearing masks/face coverings, handwashing and practicing physical distancing.
  • For elementary, specials courses such as OMA/ Fine Arts, PE, and academic interventions will occur during remote instruction time.
  • For middle and high school, counselor and academic intervention groups will occur during remote instruction time.
  • Students will be able to participate in extracurricular activities, when available, such as band, sports, tutoring, while following all health and safety guidelines.
  • School events (assemblies, concerts, etc.) will be modified or rescheduled. Virtual events will be held whenever possible.
  • Specific information for Exceptional Education is forthcoming. The district will ensure that accommodations outlined in students' IEP will continue in this environment.
  • Before and after care available by school site.

Photo of mother and student walking onto campus

The Remote Learning Student Experience

icon for remote learning

Remote Learning Model

Sample Schedule (in PDF)

  • K-12, full-time, five days a week.
  • Instruction led by TUSD teachers using TUSD's curriculum and online instruction.
  • On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, students will be working on structured assignments remotely from home on their own (asynchronously) in the morning, and in the afternoons students will participate in teacher-led classes (synchronous) remotely from home.
  • On Wednesdays, all students will be participating in teacher-led classes (synchronous) remotely from home.
  • Set daily schedule for classes and activities; attendance taken daily.
  • English Language Learners and Exceptional Education students will receive continued specialized services online.
  • Social Emotional Component will be embedded in weekly/bi-weekly lessons.
  • Includes enrollment in Music At Home Online Academyfor all music students in grades 6-12.
  • Students may participate in extracurricular activities, including athletics, at the schools they are enrolled in, following in-person guidelines and safety protocols.
  • School events (assemblies, concerts, etc.) will be modified or rescheduled. Virtual events will be held whenever possible.
  • Technology and technical support provided.

Photo of student using computer

Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous?

Synchronous means "at the same time." Asynchronous means "not at the same time."

When we use these terms with learning...

  • Synchronous learning means that students work on tasks and activities at the same time, usually in teacher-led lessons.
  • Asynchronous learning means that students work independently, on their own, at their own pace. Examples of asynchronous learning activities include writing in a journal, drawing a map or diagram, research, investigating, reading, and other projects which students can do on their own. Students often share and report back to their teachers and classmates on their asynchronous learning activities and discoveries.

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