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Re-Entry Plans

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Tucson Unified

District-Level Re-Entry Plans

Physical Education Re-Entry Protocols

This document covers:  General Class Protocol, Locker Rooms, Equipment, Weight Rooms, Class Spaces, Student Personal Belongings

For more details, read the Physical Education PDF presented to the Governing Board on March 9, 2021.

Fine Arts Re-Entry Guide


A Safe Return To The Arts Classroom

Read the Fine Arts guidelines presented to the Governing Board on March 9, 2021.

A-Z Listing of School Plans

Safe Products Lists

To find out which disinfectants and other products you can use at TUSD sites, please review the memo from Risk Management below and consult the following two lists:

Policy ACD - Information for Staff

On December 8, 2020, the Governing Board adopted Policy ACD - Non-Discrimination and Gender Identity (Students) . This policy is effective immediately and enhances Tucson Unified's commitment to a policy of nondiscrimination as it relates to a student's gender expression.

With an intent to recognize a student's gender identity, a key provision of this new policy is that the student may request a change to their name and/or gender as it appears in Synergy without any further documentation or permissions required.

In accordance with the policy, the student (if under 18) will be advised that their parent/guardian will be informed that a change has been made to the education record.

Because Zoom captures students' names from Synergy, this policy intends to give a student the right to change their screen name on Zoom to be consistent with their gender identity. This will avoid so-called "deadnames" that do not reflect the student's gender expression and will eliminate the need for the teacher to change it for every Zoom session.

A form for students to request a change (ACD-E1) and the required notice to the parent/guardian has been created. In the meantime, please be aware that this policy requires that school employees immediately address the student consistent with their stated gender identity.

You can see the complete policy here: Policy ACD.

Here is the process:

  1. Student requests for a demographic information change, including a Zoom display name and/or gender, will be referred to the school contact person or office designated by the principal. (The process for parent requests to change demographic information is unchanged).
  2. Form ACD-E1 will be provided to the student.
  3. The completed form will be emailed to the Synergy team at with a cc to
  4. Once the change is made, the Synergy team will send a confirming email to the school contact with a reminder for the school contact to advise the parent/guardian that the change has been made (a requirement under Policy ACD). The suggested template for the notification (which may be via email) to the parent/guardian is as follows:

    Dear Parent/Guardian:

    This is to notify you that [STUDENT] has made a request under Governing Board Policy ACD to change demographic information in the student's education record. The change(s) that was(were) requested is(are) [name][gender].

    Policy ACD requires that the student's record be immediately changed, and that you, as the parent/guardian, be notified that such a change has been made.

    If you have any questions, please contact [school contact person].


  5. In accordance with the policy, this will change the student's name for school rosters, Zoom, emails school publications, and correspondence to the student. All school personnel are required to address the student consistent with the student's stated preference.

Helping Your Students Use Apps for Learning

How do students log into Clever? (Video Instructions)

Video a Clever en español

Clever logo

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Log in with Network Credentials."
    screenshot of Log In page
  3. Sign in using your  10-digit Student ID number (or "matric") plus

Chromebook: Zoom & Clever Logon

Translations: Arabic | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese 

Chromebook Clever Logon Issues

Translations: Arabic | Spanish | SwahiliVietnamese

Clever - Guía estudiantil para iniciar sesiones en casa

How do students log in to Office 365? (Video Instructions)

Video a Office 365 en español

Student Logon/Password Change (August 2020)

Every TUSD student has an Office 365 account that has been set up for them. They can access their account by going to, clicking Sign in (top right), and then doing the following:
  1. Enter < > (without the < >) in the spot where it says "Email, Phone, Skype."
    Students' matric number is their student ID number.
    screenshot of login
  2. Upon entering this information, you will be taken to the TUSD sign in page. Your student's username will be the same they used at the log-in screen, and their password is the same password they log in with at school.
    Students have to make sure they include the "s." after @ in the username:

How do students log in to StudentVUE (Synergy)?

Go to

and log in using your 10-digit Student ID number and your District password.

IMPORTANT: Your StudentVUE User Name is your 10-digit Student ID number, not your district email address.

You can also access StudentVUE via the StudentVUE App for iOS and Android.

Zoom: Log-In, Log-Out, and Meetings (Video Instructions)

How do I find my child's matric or Student ID?

Your child's Student ID is sometimes called their "matric" number.

If you have a ParentVUE account, you can find your their Student ID (or matric number) in ParentVUE.

Log into ParentVUE at

Students can also find their matric/Student ID in StudentVUE,

Non-TUSD Devices on Campus: Log On to TUSD-WiFi

Students who bring their own non-TUSD devices from home when they return to their school for in-person learning need to connect to the TUSD-WiFi network. Or if unable to connect to TUSD-WiFi network, they can try connecting to the TUSD-Guest network. Please see the illustrated instructions below:

How to Connect a Non-TUSD Device to the District WiFi on Campus
Translations: Arabic | Kirundi | Spanish | Swahili | Vietnamese

Free WiFi Map for Arizona

Use this free WiFi map from Connect Arizona to find free public WiFi hotspots at public libraries, schools, businesses, and other sites. Some sites may offer indoor public access during business hours, others provide access in the parking lot only. Everyone using the sites - outside or inside - is encouraged to practice social distancing precautions, including staying in your vehicle or at least six feet from other users and wearing a mask if necessary.

Important Dates

Annual Benefits Enrollment: April 1-30, 2021

Visit the Benefits Website for information on Annual Benefits Enrollment.

Planning to Retire? See these Important Dates!

To retire at end of second semester:

Important End of Year Payroll Dates

Review these important dates

W2s Mailed and Posted to iVisions Now!

Visit the Payroll Intranet site or review the W2 Access and Explanation Document for information on how to access your W2 through the employee self-service portal and how to read your W2.

For address changes, please contact Human Resources.

You can contact the Payroll Department via email.

TUSD Payroll 2020-2021 Due Dates and Info (in PDF)

Find more retirement information at our Retirement page!

Returning to School

Get Ready for Hybrid Learning

For Teachers - Technology Recommendations for Hybrid Learning (in PDF)

Checking Devices In and Out through Destiny

You'll check devices out using Destiny Resource Manager and back in when they are returned. Devices may include laptops, Chromebooks, tablets.

For instructions, please see Checking Devices In or Out Using Destiny (in PDF).

How are kids preparing to return to school?

We've shared this hand-out with families so that they can begin preparing for a return to school, once it's deemed safe to re-open: 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Returning Back to School (in PDF).

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