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 TAP Summer Office Hours:  M, T, Th 7:30 am - 3:30 pm, Closed Monday and Friday

Become A High School Graduate, Call 225-3256 to Learn More

2018-19 Registration July 26 - August 1, 2018.  First Day of School August 2!

Call today to find out more about our registration process! 

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New Beginnings
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Start your new path to success today.  Becoming a new parent is not easy, but you can achieve parenting success and complete your high school career at the same time by attending TAP High School.

TAP is currently accepting applications for the 2018- 19 school year.  If you are pregnant or parenting and wish to attend TAP, please call us at 225-3250 or 225-3256 and stop by for a campus tour, to pick up a Registration Packet and to learn about your new beginning. 

News For You!

This Summer At TAP High School

TAP High School 2018-19 Student Registration

TAP will host student registration on Thursday - Friday, July 26-27 and Tuesday - Wednesday July 31- August 1.  Registration includes completing registration forms and surveys, completing a health intake for students and babies with TAP's nurse and completing an academic intake with TAP's counselor.  Please also bring proof of residence, shot records for student and baby, birth certificate (if you are a new applicant), and unofficial transcript from your former high school or middle school.  Students will also sign up for breakfast and lunch services. 

Need Diapers?  July Reminder

TAP is a proud Partner of the Southern Arizona Diaper Bank.  We welcome current, former and future students and their families to stop by TAP during summer hours for a visit and to pick up diapers if you are in need. 

TAP Practices Safety

TAP will run a lock down drill during April to ensure that all community members are prepared for potential school threats.  Due to the unique nature of our school, TAP will hold a training meeting prior to our practice lock down.  TAP practices monthly fire drills and will provide training to students on evacuation procedures in case a situation ever deems an evacuation necessary.  Lockdown drills will be practices quarterly.

Looking to help an Amazing School Provide Amazing Services?  Ways you can help TAP students and  their babies in 2018: 

Bring in the New Year by Donating Clean and Lightly used infant and toddler clothing, toys, baby books, strollers, car seats, and more.

TAP High School students benefit greatly from community donations of gently used items that support them as high school students and new parents.  TAP is also seeking monetary donations for the Gillespie Scholarship which is used to support students in paying for outside daycare when their baby ages out of TAP nurseries.  Please think about writing a small check to TAP for this purpose.  A few dollars will help to support a student to finish high school. 

Donate Emergency Food Cards

Many TAP students struggle to make ends meet for themselves and their babies.  Though TAP students benefit from a wide range of services to help provide basic necessities for their families, they often struggle to provide formula, diapers, and/or food during the last 10 days of each month.  TAP High School has been very privileged to work with many community organizations to help support our students with basic needs, but there is always a need for emergency food cards (e.g. in dominations of $10 - 25 to Safeway, Fry's, Walmart, etc.). 

Make a Tax Credit Donation

Arizona Schools benefit greatly from your tax credit dollars.  TAP will use these monies to pay for educational field trips, our character education program, and to provide additional educational experiences like music, art and tutoring.  It is not too late to donate your 2017 tax credit dollars to Teenage Parent High School by going to https://az-tucson-taxcredits.intouchreceipting.com/ .  TAP is listed under alternative schools.  TAP greatly appreciates your support and we will put your tax credit dollars to good use!  You can also make a charitable donation to TUSD's Educational Enrichment Foundation which supports TAP students with shoes, glasses, scholarships and much, much more!

Share what you know about Teenage Parent High School

The statistics with respect to teenage parents who do not complete high school are staggering!  Teenage parents often face destabilizing experiences that keep them from attending and completing high school. What can you do to help a pregnant or parenting Tucson teen graduate from high school and prepare for college or the work force?  Share what you know about TAP High School.  TAP is often the single stabilizing system that provides the opportunity for many capable teen parents to complete their high school education and plan for a well informed and supported next step so they can become strong citizens and contributing members to their children and their communities.  Give the gift of TAP High School to a teen parent by having them contact us at 520-225-3256.  We provide a caring, inclusive, safe, supportive, and engaging environment for teen parents and their infants and toddlers. TAP is an accredited high school with we provide both a valuable education in conjunction with a high level of support for teens who are facing the challenges of parenting.  In the new year, please share your knowledge of TAP with a pregnant or parenting teen who needs to finish high school.

TAP Baby and Student Clothing Bank Open

TAP High School provides a well stocked clothing bank of infant - toddler clothes and baby items.  The school also provide clothing for students in need.  Students can borrow from or contribute to the clothing bank as needed.  TAP also accepts clothing, toy, book and other baby item donations from community members in order to meet the needs of students and their babies. 

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2018 Spring Graduation

Graduation, Priceless

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018 11 amazing young women graduated from Teenage Parent High School 2018 Spring  Graduation Ceremony.  We are extremely proud of the immense determination and persistence exhibited by these graduates.  If you are a pregnant or parenting teen who has not graduated from high school, join us and fulfill your high school goals and dreams.   A BIG Congratulations to our 2018 Graduates!

TAP HS 2018 Spring Grads prior to Grad.

TAP HS 2018 Spring Grads walking in

Brize Williams receives a scholarship from TUSD's Education Enrichment Foundation.  Brize will attend Pima Community College. 

Brize Williams pictured with Adelita Grijalva from EEF

What Makes Us Special
Teenage Parent High School has more than 50 years of experience in supporting pregnant and parenting teens to continue and graduate from high school. The school offers four nurseries, staffed with experienced Infant Care Specialists who care for babies and mentor teens in best parenting practices.  TAP High School provides all classes needed to complete a TUSD High School Diploma and all courses are aligned with a rigorous curriculum developed to prepare students for college and career success.  TAP teachers are highly qualified in multiple content areas and are very experienced in meeting the diverse learning needs of our students.

TUSD strongly encourages students who are pregnant to enroll at Teenage Parent High School to learn best parenting practices prior to giving birth. Many students have graduated from TAP while others have returned to their home schools to graduate.  See videos below to hear from former students about TAP and their experiences at our school. 
Registration Info Needed

TAP 2018-19 Student Registration

What to bring with you:

Proof of Residency, Shot Records, High School Transcripts, Information about your Pediatrician and OB/GYN, Birth Certificate if you are new to TAP, SNAP Account Number, Baby Shot Records. 



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