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3200 S. Lead Flower Ave.    |   Tucson, AZ 85735   |    Office: (520) 908-5700   |    Fax: (520) 908-5701
School-Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 9:05 am-3:25 pm   |   School-Wed: 9:05 am-2:25 pm  |    Playground Opens: 8:30 am  |    Bell Schedule |    Office: 8:15 am-4:15 pm   
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What Makes Us Special

Banks Elementary cultivates strong individuals that engage in nature and learn how to be part of a pack, which harkens back to the bobcat, Banks’ school mascot.

At Banks, we emphasize the positive traits of the bobcat, who is independent, yet family-oriented. Our teachers furnish expectations by sharing goals and objectives in order to help explain how each lesson builds toward those goals. When our parents join our Banks Bobcat Pack, they regularly meet with teachers in order to stay involved.

Located in the Tucson Mountains just south of Saguaro National Park, Banks incorporates the outdoors into multiple facets of the student experience. Representatives from Kitt Peak make frequent visits for stargazing nights, fourth- and fifth-graders participate in a sleepover at the Cooper Center for Environmental Learning and Banks even hosts two teams in the Girls on the Run program!

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  • * Student Meals / Family Resources update

    Families can now pick up a week's worth of meals in one pick up @ TUSD Food Services Department at 2150 E. 15th Street. This includes 7 days of breakfast, 7 days of lunch, and 5 snacks. Sign-up is limited based on weekly availability, so please visit the link below to schedule your next pick up.   **Daily breakfast and lunch are still provided at the Banks bus bay 11:21-11:31 each school day. ** 

    For more information about this new program, check out:  Please let me know if you need any assistance with food, hygiene supplies, clothing, etc. TUSD Family Resource Centers are currently offering food, hygiene items, and clothing delivery or pick up by appointment only. Call our Southwest Resource Center at  908-3980 for more information, or let me know if I can help you. Ashley Hult

  • * Banks Elementary is conducting virtual classes at this time
    Due to COVID 19, Banks Elementary is currently conducting classes via virtual learning and Zoom meetings. See school class schedules here

    We have checked out devices to students who have requested them. If your child is still using a Samsung tablet or Apple iPad, please return the tablet to the school to exchange for a ChromeBook. We are finding that we are having less issues with the ChromeBooks. If your family still needs an internet hot-spot, let us know. The district is distributing them in order of oldest student ... high school students > middle school students > elementary school students. 


    Students should be clicking on the Chrome icon > > CLEVER > teacher's page > zoom class or independent learning.  Sometimes students might have to log in two or three times or start over, depending on the number of students all trying to logon at once; the internet speed; and server capacities. Keep trying! Students must log on to their morning AND afternoon ZOOM class in order to be counted present for the day. 


    Contact the school at 908-5702 if your child is 'absent' and cannot participate, so they can be marked excused.


    Problems logging in:


    - restart computer and try again (try to restart computer at least once per week so the system can upload any updates)

    - make sure your internet is on and connected

    - student should be logging in with permanent ID# example: (their password will be their permanent ID # or whatever password they set up - call school to reset if needed)
    - student might have to log on two or three times and/or start over - depends on volume of students attempting logon at the same time, internet speed and server capacity - keep trying!

      - try opening ZOOM app / website before clicking onto ZOOM class icon in CLEVER

    - click join meeting with audio so you can hear - make sure you choose JOIN MEETING at top of ZOOM screen and not START MEETING

    If you are having any technical issues with your device or need assistance logging in, please call the office at 908-5700 M-F 8:00-3:30. If the phones are busy, leave a message or try your call again. We have been experiencing a heavy call load. 

    Your child's teacher will be communicating with you via their CLASS DO-JO account. Please reach out to the teacher if you HAVE NOT signed up for this yet. Teachers are posting class assignments, schedules, announcements and other general information. 


    TUSD and Banks Elementary will send out emails and calls via ParentLink and/or Class DoJo when we have information to share with you. It is important that we have your current email address and phone number. Please call 908-5700 if you need to update any information.


    We thank you for your patience during this time and want you to know that we are here to help support you!

  • * Now accepting enrollment for 2020-2021 is open! Register your child today!
    A Parent-Vue account will be necessary to register your child on-line for the 2020-2021 school year. Call 908-5700 to get your activation code or reset your password. ALL students are required to be registered, including ALL returning students. Click on REGISTRATION ICON above to get started!
  • * 2020-2021 After-School Program and Tuition Based-Preschool - currently closed
    email to: for more information


  • * Accepting 2020-2021 interest forms for the inclusive preschool program rm 156
    email to: or for more information - classes are currently being held virtually.
  • * Library Books Due!
    If you have library books checked out since last year, they are now due. Please drop them off to the school Monday - Friday 8:00-3:30.

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