Mission / Vision

Vision: We are a strong community of teachers, students, staff, parents, and volunteers that create a welcoming, positive learning environment; which promotes academic excellence for all, recognizing individual needs of students.

Mission: In order to achieve our vision, we strive to:
• Accommodate all learning styles.
• Empower and inspire students to achieve their goals and dreams.
• Prepare students to be productive citizens within our community.
• Differentiate and adapt instruction to reach all learners.
• Provide positive and clear communication to our community.
• Utilize effective use of technology in the classroom.
• Incorporate effective teaching practices through the use of PLC’s and shared leadership.
• Acknowledge the cultural capitol within our community, and use this as a tool for inviting all learners into the lessons, activities and celebrations.
• Create strong relationships through community building activities, regular celebrations and cross grade-level classroom collaboration.

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