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July 30, 2019


Dear Blenman Families:


Welcome to our school and to a fabulous new school year! I hope that you all had a safe and enjoyable summer break. Before we know it, the first day of school will be here. In order to prepare you, please see your child’s classroom/teacher assignment information below, as well as essential information to a smooth start of the school year.


Essential Information:


1.       Meet the Teacher Ice Cream Social– July 30, 2019 from 4:30-5:30

This is an opportunity to enjoy a cool treat and meet your child’s teacher. Join us in the cafeteria for introductions and a visit to the classroom!


2.       School supplies

Please consider donating from the school supply list attached to this letter by grade level. These are general items needed by teachers and school and greatly appreciated!


3.       First Day of School - August 1, 2019

The first bell rings at 8:26 and the second bell at 8:30. There will be signs posted on the playground for where your child should line up.


4.       Student Arrival

Playground 8am, Lineup Bell 8:26, Class Bell 8:30

Safety and efficiency is our priority. Outdoor morning playground supervision begins at 8am; Students need to be dropped off on Bentley Ave. at the purple playground. This is a drop off only zone. If parking is required, parents and visitors may park in the north parking lot and come in through the front doors or in the southeast parking lot and come in through the playground. The north parking lot is NOT a drop off zone. ALL other doors and gates WILL BE LOCKED. No student shall arrive before 8am, as it creates a safety concern for the unsupervised children. No parent or visitor parking is allowed in the bus bay. The bus bay (marked along the northeast gates off the cafeteria along Bentley Ave.) is to remain clear of cars at all times.


5.       Student Dismissal - Bell 2:40 (1:40 Wednesdays)

Safety and efficiency is our priority. If your child takes the bus home, they will walk to the cafeteria at the dismissal bell and line up in their correct bus line. If your child walks, they are to exit the building through the front doors/gates and use crosswalks at all times. Daycare programs (only) pick up students along Adams St. Valet parent pick up is curbside along Bentley Ave. Students wait under the shade and are released to cars as each rolls up. Students will NOT be allowed to cross the street without an adult with them. This is a no parking, pick up only zone. Alternatively, parents/guardians can park in the north lot or southeast parking lot and meet their child(ren) in the courtyard. Siblings should also meet in the courtyard to walk together. Students may NOT wait for parents in front of the school unsupervised. Parents/guardians are not to be inside the hallways, outside classroom doors, or office area. Dismissing 400 students at one time can be hectic, so please model patience and kindness for our children. Make sure you communicate with your child and with your child’s teacher about how they will get home.


6.       Papers, Papers, Papers

During the first week of school, your child will take home paperwork that must be completed and returned as soon as possible. After that, Blenman school folders will be sent home with homework and important class and school information. Once a month, my school newsletter is sent home and posted online. Please check your child’s backpack on a regular basis.


7.       Tax Credit Contribution Needed

Tax credit funds help to sustain our OMA Gold arts and music integration and our PE enrichment program. Please consider a $10 general designation to support these continued opportunities for your child. Payment can be made via check or in person at the front office or contribute online at Individuals may credit up to $200 and married couple may contribute up to $400.


8.       Free and Reduced Lunch

Be sure to fill out a Free and Reduced lunch application online at See our cafeteria manager, Ms. Marina, for information on our food program.


I am looking forward to the new school year! Thanks and see you soon.


Kelly Mack


Blenman Elementary

Tucson Unified School District

Front Office 232-6500



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