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Choosing a “Just Right” Book

(One that’s not too easy and not too hard, but just right.)


Two students at table in the library

First, look through the pictures in the book to see what the book is about.

Bot reading a picture book

Read one or more pages.

Three students with picture books

When you come to a word you don’t know, put one finger up.

Boy holding up two fingers while reading a book

If you have 3 or more fingers up at the end of the page, it’s probably too hard for you.

Boy holding up two fingers

If you have 1 or 2 fingers up, it’s probably “just right” for you.

Librarian checking book out for boy

After you find 3 or 4 “just right” books, we check them out to your teacher and you can take your books to class.

Girl leaving library with books

When you’ve read them a few times, return them to the library and choose more “just right” books.





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