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Mission Statement

As the Mexican American Student Services Department Staff, we advocate for students’ academic achievement and social well-being. This is achieved by collaboratively working with TUSD schools and families by offering direct and auxiliary services, such as tutoring and mentoring.

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About Us

Mexican American Student Services is a service oriented department serving Tucson Unified School District Latino students and monitoring student progress for success.

The MASSD will assist with the improvement of academic achievement of Latino students and promote cultural sensitivity through our schools and community. We provide individualized and specialized learning support, cultural awareness, and community tutoring and mentoring. Our department works with schools, exceptional education and other district departments to meet student needs. Even though the department's primary focus are Latino students, we serve all students.

Student Success Specialists placed in schools provide direct services during in-class instruction, before and after school tutoring.

The Mexican American Student Services Department staff is composed of 14 Student Success Specialists, one Administrative Assistant and one Director. The Department is housed inside the Wakefield Building C; the physical address is 101 W. 44th Street. Our office is located next to the TUSD Wakefield Family Resource Center.

Our Student Success Specialists are assigned to these school sites.

Department Goals 2016-2017

  • Work to eliminate the opportunity gap for Mexican American/Latino students.
  • Offer K-12 mathematics and reading tutoring services.
  • Provide in-class support for students in over 30 TUSD school sites.
  • Establish mentoring and advocacy programs to increase Latino students’ attendance, academic performance and graduation rates.
  • Engage with community organizations and college partnerships to offer mentoring, tutoring and community services to TUSD families.
  • Increase Mexican American/Latino students’ academic achievement for college preparation.
  • Implement mentoring and tutoring programs to meet students’ academic and social goals.
  • Collaborate with community organizations and colleges to increase educational opportunities.

Community Partnerships

The following community organizations offer resources to students and families.