Superintendent's Goals - 2014-2015

Superintendent's Goals for 2014-2015 (in PDF)

TUSD Superintendent Dr. H.T. Sánchez has aligned his goals for 2014-2015 with the district strategic plan.

The superintendent's goals address five priorities, and each priority has a year-one goal:

  • Curriculum - TUSD will design an aligned, articulated and well administered curriculum that supports academically high standards of learning for all children, integrates college- and career-ready skills, incorporates fine and performing arts and is culturally relevant for our diverse student population. It will be reviewed and revisited regularly to meet the changing demands of our students and community.
    Year 1 goal: Design an easily accessible and usable scope and sequence with an evaluation rubric for yearly analysis and improvement
  • Instruction - TUSD will ensure that teachers deliver challenging and engaging instruction that is driven by a high-quality curriculum and based on meeting the individual needs of every child.
    Year 1 goal: Ensure all third-year teachers and beyond meet the needs of every learner by delivering culturally responsive curriculum that engages students and ensure those teachers are proficient in providing ongoing communication and feedback on performance
  • Professional Development - TUSD will provide purposeful professional development that is collaborative and focused on providing teachers and administrators with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement: best practices for college- and career-preparedness, differentiation for diverse student needs, culturally responsive teaching strategies and cohesive communities of practice.
    Year 1 goal: Ensure all designated support personnel attend bi-weekly professional development to develop the capacity to provide purposeful professional development at the site level that is focused on implementing an aligned curriculum
  • Data - TUSD will use a range of student and classroom data routinely to check for understanding of concepts taught, monitor progress of student learning and drive instructional decisions to facilitate improved student learning.
    Year 1 goal: Collect and analyze English Language Arts and Mathematics Data and provide staff development on how to appropriately use the data to drive instructional decisions
  • Assessment - TUSD will develop and administer common ongoing assessments that are aligned to and embedded in the aligned and articulated curriculum. These assessments will provide for a deep analysis of student mastery of concepts and skills and will assist in identifying gaps in student learning. TUSD will also support teachers with the development of more frequent assessments that help to inform daily instruction.
    Year 1 goal: Implement a standardized measurement system with common quarterly assessments based on curriculum guides and train staff to analyze and use data to determine student growth, areas of weakness and mastery learning

For information about the implementation of these goals, including timelines and measurements, see the complete Superintendent's Goals for 2014-2015 (in PDF).