Post-Unitary Status Plan

Post-Unitary Status Plan (in PDF)

On Dec. 18, 2009, Judge David Bury has approved the Post Unitary Status Plan as adopted by the Governing Board on July 30, 2009. The court has acknowledged that the district will operate for the advocacy and equal advantage of every child. Federal oversight of the operation of the Tucson Unified School District has ended.

Post-Unitary Order, issued Dec. 18, 2009 (in PDF)

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Opinion, issued July 19, 2011 (in PDF)

Federal District Court Order, issued Sept. 13, 2011 (in PDF)

Order Appointing Special Master, issued Jan. 5, 2012 (in PDF)

Report on the Status of Implementation of the PUSP, filed January 23, 2012 (in PDF)