“PACC Dog Walker” Fundraiser

Needed Items:

*Easy open canned dog food (pull tabs are great)
*Moist and Meaty dog food packets (a favorite with the older dogs)
*Dog Vitamins (trying to keep everyone healthy!)
*Canned cat food Dog/Cat treats (no rawhides, they cause jealousy issues at the shelter
*CLEAN towels or blankets (no stuffing, gets caught in drains)…desperately in need of the towels, must be clean Cat toys/cat beds Grooming items, dry or wet shampoos, combs, brushes, toe nail trimmers and files Leashes and/or collars (can be used if in good condition)

*Starred items are most needed but anything is appreciated.

Dog walkers are a group of volunteers that walk dogs about 5 mornings a week. This keeps the animals socialized and ready for adoption. Since we started, we have noticed an incredible difference in the dogs/cats. Adoptions have increased by about 12 percent (from what we can tell). We walk about 160-200 dogs a day, and try to give everyone one whole can of dog food each, however, that is not always possible.

You may ask yourself what type of dog/puppy ends up at Pima Animal Care Center? Due to the economy the shelter is seeing purebred dogs (poodles, bassets, yorkies, great danes, rotties) all the way to mama was a beagle and daddy was a fence jumper! So, if you are looking for a great dog/cat check the shelter on Silverbell. Some pets are listed at, and some you just have to visit the shelter. Often there are not enough volunteers to take pictures so they don’t all get posted. Animals are healthy, come with a spay or neuter, microchip, license, current vaccinations, and a free vet check. This is all for about $50.00 although they often run specials.

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