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The visual art program at Holladay is a rigorous program that is formulated around the stages of child development and the Arizona State Standards for the Visual Arts. It is a program in which the students develop the technical skills needed to successfully use a variety of media along with the compositional skills that will better enable them to communicate through visual art.

While developing the aforementioned skills the students are also exposed to the historical and societal aspects of the visual arts as well as learning the skills necessary to be able to critique their own work and that of others.

Our program accomplishes these lofty goals while being entirely project based which results in the students having wonderful and varied art experiences that produce an end product.

The art assignments have a close relationship with the learning that is going on in the regular classroom and most often the art assignment correlates with not only topics discussed in class but academic skills relating to math, social studies and language.

The students in any given art class are given an art assignment and they have to problem solve their way through several steps in order to complete the work. The skills needed and developed in art class are, goal setting, prioritizing, sequencing, estimating, comparing, contrasting, selecting, interpreting visual data, time management, and self evaluation.

Our students compete and have placed and received honorable mention in the Junior Federal Duck Stamp competition which is a statewide event and have also had art published by Pine Tree Publications which is a publishing house that publishes student art.

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