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1st Grade Lessons

Van Gogh and Matisse Room - Pollock “Action Paintings”

Artist Inspiration: Jackson Pollock and Alexander Calder

Lesson by Mrs. Sharon Ogle, Ms. Ade Kaur and Ms. Patty Cooper

Activity: The first grades classes were studying the science theme of “Balance and Motion”. We incorporated our fine arts magnet into our theme by studying the artists, Alexander Calder for balance who was a famous artist who made mobiles, and Jackson Pollock for motion. Jackson Pollock was an abstract impressionist who called his work Action Painting. He wanted his work to show control of energy, movement and motion. Our students made mobiles like Calder and Huge abstract “Action paintings” like Pollock.

Matisse Room – Still Life Slideshow- 1st / 2nd Grades

Artist Inspiration: Henri Matisse

Lesson by Ms. Patty Tabaczynski
Class room Teacher Sharon Ogle

Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Sharon Ogle/ Mrs. Ingrid Reyes

First and second graders have been learning about the French artist Henri Matisse in class. We created a still life based on his work of sill life with a fish bowl. Students learned that underneath every work of art is a very strong drawing! Artist drew an “ellipse” to start their fish bowl, and followed with a series of lines, curved and straight. They created a space for the fishbowl by drawing in a floor, ceiling and walls with “angle” lines. They created a detailed staircase, a table for the fishbowl to be on, and ornate wall paper to add rhythm and texture to the space. Finally, they added fish to the fishbowl, and used the brightest colors to oil pastels to make these “still” objects come to life!

Art Standards:
PO201S1C4: I can express ideas to communicate meanings or purposes in my art work.

Math Standards:

KG/ I can analyze, compare, create and compose shapes.
1G.A. I can reason with shapes and their attributes.
4G.A. I can draw and identify lines and angles, and classify shapes by properties of angles

Van Gogh Room- The Starry Night Reproduction

Artist Inspiration: Vincent Van GoghLesson by Ms. Patty Tabaczynski
Classroom Teacher: Ms. Ade KaurPerformance Objectives: Visual Arts
PO101S1C3: The student will use elements of art and principles of design in his/her artwork.
PO201S1C4: The student will express ideas to communicate meanings and/or purposes in artworkMath:
Grades 1&2 G.A.: Students will reason with shapes and their attributes.Vocabulary: Van Gogh, landscape, Starry Night, spiral, curved line, mosaic, oil pastels, foreground, middle ground, background
Students learned how to draw a landscape, and then also to create a torn paper collage of a three part landscape. We placed trees in the “foreground,” brown mountains in the middle ground, and the sky and stars in the background. We challenged ourselves with designing and creating the spiral stars in mosaic, and we think the efforts were well worth it!
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