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2nd Grade Visual Arts Projects

Miró Room – Abstract Figure Art – 1st / 2nd grade

Taken at Holladay Fine Arts Magnet Elementary School

Artist Inspiration: Joan Miró
2nd grade.

Lesson by Ms. Patty Tabaczynski

Performance Objectives:

Visual Arts

PO201S1C2: Students will identify and experiment with materials, tools and techniques appropriately and expressively in his/her artwork.

PO201S1C4: The student will express ideas to communicate meanings and/or purposes in artwork.

Math: Grades 1&2 G.A.: Students will reason with shapes and their attributes.

Vocabulary: Joan Miró, abstract, shape, line, color, head, body, legs, oval, circle, curved, straight

Students learned how to draw their own Miro shapes and compose them into an abstract figure. We discussed the attributes of Joan Miro’s work, and how he used abstract shapes and line to communicate his ideas about the human figure. We first drew our figure in pencil and sharpie, then used tempera and acrylic paint to finish our work. We were pleasantly surprised at how much alike our paintings are aligned with the aesthetic of an incredible master artist!
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