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5th Grade Visual Arts Projects

Opinion Biography about Ted Degrazia

Great job Ms. Padilla’s class! Take a look at the amazing way they integrated writing and visual arts when creating their Opinion Biographies about Ted Degrazia.

Writing Standards:
4.W.1 and 5.W.1- Write opinion piece on a topic, or text, supporting a point of view with reasons.

Art Standards:

PO201S1C4: I can express ideas to communicate meanings or purposes in my art work.

DeGrazia and Warhol Rooms – Chalk Pastels Art

Taken at Holladay Fine Arts Magnet Elementary School
Artist Inspiration: Ted DeGrazia

The DeGrazia Room (Ms. Padilla) and Warhol Room (Mrs. Herron)

Grades 4th and 5th

For this Project, students studied a painting by Ted DeGrazia and broke the elements of that picture into shapes. This is called “diagramming” and involves a careful, conscious study of how a master artist puts a work of art together. After students sketched the basic forms, they applied chalk pastels in appropriate colors. Lastly, they created movement with how they applied the detail of adding hair to the figures. Each piece is unique and expressive of how the student creates and understands the art elements of shape, color and form.
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