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Extended Day Visual Arts Projects

  • An Eric Carle Welcome!
    Artist Inspiration: Eric Carle

    Extended Day Art/Community Culture

    Activity: In our Extended Day class, we have been researching techniques that Eric Carle’s amazing illustrations use. We discovered that if we painted on a thick tracing paper, and then used wooden and plastic tools to scratch in designs and patterns, we could achieve a similar effect. After we let that painted paper dry, we cut and collaged animals, insects and flowers to create display material for our community. Because our larger goal is to be the stewards of our school, we have decided to create and design display boards, campus projects, and our school welcome board.

    All students in Extended Day art will learn diverse art techniques, and contribute art pieces for community and school wide display. Each student in Extended Day art will learn the value of contributing to the greater good by designing community spaces that exhibit creativity, art skills and projects, and instill a sense of school and community pride and respect.

    Visual Arts:

    PO103S1C3: The student will use elements and principles of art and design in his/her work.

    PO302S1C2: Students will demonstrate purposeful use of materials, tools and techniques in his/her artwork.


    KG: Students will analyze, compare, create and compose shapes.
    1 (2/3)G.A. Students will reason with shapes and their attributes.

    40A.C. Students will generate and analyze patterns.

    4GA: Students will draw and identify lines and shapes (by properties of lines and angles)

    5GB: Students will classify two dimensional figures based on their properties.

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