PTSO Meeting Minutes August 2017

Meeting Date:  May 4, 2017
Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. 
Solar Panel Presentation by TUSD
Minutes reviewed. Motion made to approve minutes from May 2017 meeting; passed.
President’s Report:
Lynn discussed the changes in the PTSO Board and vacancies.
Lynn discussed the football and student parking.  
Principals Report:
Mr. Sanchez reported on Site Council topics:
Synergy Enrollment: 992 students in system/Warm Body Count is 855
SYNERGY: Parent VUE: Gradebook activated on 08/11/17
Staffings: 2 openings (.6 PE Teacher addition, Dean of Students)
University High Acceptance: 26 students qualified (8th graders). parent/student mtg forthcoming
Bulldog Belief Assembly-PBIS: 08/11/2017
State of Arizona PBIS Award: Mansfeld underwent an audit during the 2016-17 school year and received a score of 99.1. The school received an award for this accomplishment.
Student Rights & Responsibilities Presentations: Month of August
Open House – August 24, 6-7:30pm
Picture day – August 28th
Spirit Week – September 4-8th
Boost Program – September 11th
Proposed Projects for this school year
Solar Panel
Widening of west side entrance gate
Courtyard improvement
Front entrance security door
Requesting of Funds (order): School, Tax Credit, Site Council, PTSO
Lunch Account: No more courtesy meals
Community Representative Report:
Family Centers – There are four centers available around town which offer ESL, computers, daycare, and other services.
Marquee – Currently tabled due to a glitch and will need to do re-do vendor.
Backpacks – We need more backpacks, gently used and washed. 
Uniforms – Students helped clean prior to school's end. We need to continue to work in the clothing closet as more donations come in.

Treasurer’s Report:
Karen Mihina is the “acting Treasurer” currently until Kim Harmon is able to attend. Karen gave a budget update including checking account and savings balances as well as the amount rolled over from 2016-17 school year. Three areas went over the budgeted amounts: PBIS was over $120.00, Teacher Appreciation was over $369.99, and the 8th Grade Promotion (Breakfast) over $520.00.
Ms. Lozano attended the meeting and requested $100.00 from her Science Foundation AZ Grant account to attend a 2-day MESA training, which will provide a training kit for a Robotics extension. Following the meeting Karen reviewed the account history and sent an email to the PTSO Board advising there is currently $307.21 in the Science Foundation AZ Grant account. Due to the amount of funds requested for release being less than $200.00, the funds release approval can be done via Executive Committee. Four votes were in favor, with one abstaining, in favor of releasing funds to Ms. Lozano. Karen also made a Funds release Form which she emailed to the Executive Committee.    
New Business:
Discussion held regarding courtesy meals. A motion was made for the PTSO to fund $100.00 for courtesy meals for students. The goal is that no student gets turned away for meals. Motion passed.
Discussion regarding the current open Vice-President position. Mary Wnek was nominated. A motion was made to appoint Mary Wnek as Vice-President. Motion passed.
Lynn passed around sign-up sheets for members to assist the PTSO in various areas: Leadership, Secretary/Communications, Treasurer/Finance/Fundraising, Hospitality, Community Service. 
It was noted that students need cold water during tryouts.
Free physicals were being offered at the U of A Clinic and Nextcare.
Lynn will contact Karen to follow-up with football passes. They plan on meeting this Saturday to work on them as well.
Ten additional football parking spots may open up on south side of school. 

Next Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting is scheduled for September 7, 2017, at 6:00 pm in the school library. 
Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.


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