PTSO September 7, 2017 Minutes

Mansfeld Magnet PTSO Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: September 7, 2017

Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.


Minutes reviewed. Motion made to approve the minutes from August 2017 with one correction; passed.

Correction: Ten additional football parking U of A daily permit spots may open up on south side of school.

President’s Report

Lynn discussed the football and student parking fundraisers.

Lynn discussed PTSO activities since the last meeting, including first football game, recruiting volunteers, and setting up mailing lists. (Karen Mihina reported that the lot may have been oversold for the first game; there’s a limited number of spots for cars without a season pass and volunteers need to keep a tally.)

Lynn introduced the need to fill the position of Treasurer for the PTSO Board. General discussion about the need to have one person who is primarily responsible for the money (and single point of contact for Principal Sanchez), but also an assistant to help with responsibilities and carry knowledge forward to next year.

Motion made to nominate Janice Hughes as Treasurer; passed. Motion made to nominate Ariana Rico as Assistant Treasurer; passed.


Principal’s Report

Mr. Sanchez reported on the following:

· Free dress pass for students whose parents attend PTSO meetings. These passes can be used on a designated date and the student must carry the pass throughout the day.

· Enrollment is 972 students. This is larger than the desired 27:1 student to teacher ratio. Mr. Sanchez is considering many factors that affect enrollment and staffing formulas; he has observed that classroom management procedures and instruction are still effective.

· Courtyard Project – Work is underway to put artificial turf in the courtyard. Expect to complete by Fall Break.

· Boost Program – Before and after-school activities start Monday September 11th. The enrollment and course selection forms are posted on the school’s new website at

· Parent-Teacher Conferences

o Early dismissal for all students September 13, 14 and 15th at 12:16 or 12:50.

o Scheduled conferences (arranged by Counselors) on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

o Drop-in conferences in cafeteria on Thursday from 6 – 7:30pm.

· STEM Night – September 28 at 5:30 pm.

· Student Rights and Responsibilities – booklets will be distributed to students; parents must sign and return page 3.

· AZMERIT – scores from spring are being mailed home; teachers will discuss scores with students during advisory period.

· No School October 6

· Fall Break September 9 – 13

· Courtesy Meals Account – charged $200 in August.


Community Representative Report

Carolyn Mosconi reported on the following:

· Title I

o Funds are based on the percentage of students who received free and reduced lunch last year; Mansfeld is 69.31%.

o Emphasis on maintaining a high percentage of daily attendance; Mansfeld is ~92% early in the year but typically drops to ~90% by 4th quarter. Important for parents to call the office when students are absent; unexcused absences affect the funding.

o Emphasis on helping raise students from “partially proficient” to “proficient” in reading and math. Multiple tutoring and mentoring programs, including MathCat/WordCat, AZ Mentor Society and Project SOAR.

· Marquee – Received quotes from 3 vendors to replace the sign in front of the school (with electronic).


Treasurer’s Report

Karen Mihina (“Acting Treasurer”) reported on the following:

· Proposed a new budget that attempts to match expenses to income; this required cuts to every category.

· Football parking fundraising is significantly down this year due to a variety of factors. 36 season passes still unsold. (Lisa Coney volunteered to modify the current flyer for e-mail distribution to PTSO mailing list if needed to spread the word.)

· Identified some issues with hospitality events from last year (8th grade breakfast, etc.) that may need to be adjusted for next year.

Motion made to accept the proposed budget; passed.

Motion made to increase the amount allocated for “courtesy meals” to $2000; passed.


New Business

Discussed the need for volunteers for football parking and other activities; sign-up sheets were distributed. Parking volunteers need to arrive 2 hours before kickoff and stay 20 minutes after.

Discussed adding food and drink to STEM Night in order to increase community involvement.

Discussed grant opportunities available to faculty/staff, including Diamondback Grant (due September 29th) and Freeport McMoRan mini-grants (due October 1st).

Discussed the annual 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. and the “Traveling Bulldogs” fundraisers. Distributed flyer for this month’s fundraiser: Panda Express at Broadway/Alvernon, September 26th 11 – 8 pm. Show coupon or enter code; 20% of sales donated to Traveling Bulldogs. (Note that the cost is ~$1800 per student and parents can designate their AZ Tax Credit donations toward the future trip.)

Discussed whether the PTSO can apply for 501.c3 status in order to participate in the Jim Click raffle and other fundraising activities. Request was made for Karen Mihina and Carolyn Mosconi to discuss their research on this and report findings at the next meeting.

Discussed the possibility of adjusting uniform requirements to allow a third color for polo shirts, such as gray or light blue. Motion made for Mary Wnek to look into what may be required to implement a change; passed.

Discussed other possible future priorities for the PTSO, such as purchasing drinking fountains that can be used to fill water bottles.


Next Meeting and Adjournment

The next meeting is scheduled for October 5, 2017 at 6:00 pm in the school library.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.

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