PTSO Meeting October 5, 2017 Minutes

Meeting Date:  October 5, 2017

Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm. 



Minutes reviewed. Motion made to approve minutes from May 2017 meeting with one correction noting Fall break is October 9-13, not September 9-13. Motion passed.


President’s Report:

  • Lynn noted we still have sign-up sheets to assist the PTSO in various areas: Leadership, Secretary/Communications, Treasurer/Finance/Fundraising, Hospitality, Community Service.

  • Lynn gave update as to various PTSO activities: UofA Parking Spots – We now have 25 spots and they have all sold. Baking Brigade – Bakers brought their goods for the 1st Qrtr STEM night and received $146.31 in donations. That money goes to the STEM line item. Spread the word for parents to be aware of allergies when baking and include a list of ingredients.


    Principals Report:

    Mr. Sanchez reported on the following topics:

  • Benchmark Testing – Above district average.

  • School Letter Grade of B! New rubric.

  • Fall Break – October 9-13

  • Report Cards – Week of October 9

  • Project Updates:

    • Bell/Intercom – new system in; working out kinks.

    • Courtyard – Artificial turf will be in by end of fall break.

    • Parking Lot – Fence will be widened and parking lot will be re-striped during Fall Break.

    • Bond Override – Informational Pamphlet made available.  

  • TUSD Band/Orchestra

  • Superintendent Forum @ Mansfeld Oct 19 (6:30-8:30)

  • Boys Basketball/Girls Volleyball

  • Fall Concert: Adv Band & Orchestra Oct 3

  • Choir/Guitar Concert: Oct 5

  • Boys Volleyball/Girls Basketball - Season begins after Fall break

  • Bulldog Belief Assembly – Friday October 20

  • Spirit Week, October 23-27

  • Halloween Dance, Friday October 27, 4:30-6:30

  • Door Decorating Contest – Halloween Theme – Advisory

  • Honor Roll Recognition, November 1, 5:00pm


Community Representative Report:

  • Mentoring – 150 Mansfeld students are receiving mentoring/tutoring from U of A students.

  • Family Centers, Catalina and Palo Verde High Schools, have Family Resource Centers that are offering free English classes for adults.

  • Hygiene Gift Bags: We are in need of hygiene products for girls: Please consider donating any hygiene items girls can use: deodorant, feminine hygiene products, small toothpaste, etc... 


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • Janice Hughes and Karen Mihina, former acting Treasurer, gave a budget report. The Special Projects Line are funds that are carried over from the prior year.

  • Discussion regarding the Benefit Program. Janice is working on getting us enrolled.  We need to add a Benefit line item to the budget. We need to send a letter to Escrip advising them of change in PTSO membership.

  • Fry's has a fundraiser opportunity. We will get more information on this.

  • Football Parking – Three games left to raise funds.

  • Discussion held regarding the lunch account. The bill from 09/08/17 to 10/05/17 is $217.60. 69.68% free/reduced lunch at our school. Discussed ways to inform parents their student may be running up the bill as well as ways to seek donations. Mr. Sanchez advised he would communicate with Food Services. 

  • Motion made to accept October budget as presented. Motion approved.

  • Chorus deposit made in their restricted funds account I amount of $453.50.

  • Funding requests submitted by Mr. Sanchez for PBIS Grab Bag reimbursement in amount of $78.36.

  • Ms. Mosconi gave a marquee update and advised the costs were higher than expected. The electrical company agreed to reduce their cost by $485.00. PTSO member, Maria Martinez, will present to the tribe and request funding from the Tribe to cover the portion the PTSO previously voted to allocate, as well as the new shortfall amount. A motion was made to ask the Site Council to pay half of the shortfall and for the PTSO to pay the remaining half (in addition to funds the PTSO previously voted to allocate for the marquee), if the tribe is unable to help with the new costs. Motion approved.

  • Mr. Sanchez would like to replace the basketball hoop on campus. A motion was made for no more than $200.00 from the sports supplies line item be spent on a new basketball hoop for the school. Motion passed.      


    New Business:

  • The PTSO discussed and agreed to remove Edward Parkin and Chris Anderson, the prior key executives on the PTSO's Well Fargo Bank Account. The PTSO discussed and agreed to add Janice Hughes, PTSO Treasurer and Lynn Helseth, PTSO President, to be the key executives of the Mansfeld Magnet Middle School PTSO Wells Fargo Bank Account.

  • We still need a few more volunteers for UofA Wildcat Football parking – 3 games left.


    Next Meeting and Adjournment:

    The next meeting is scheduled for November 2, 2017, at 6:00 pm in the school library. 


    Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.


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