PTSO Meeting November 2, 2017 Minutes

Meeting Date:  November 2, 2017

Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm. 



Minutes reviewed. Motion made to approve minutes from October 2017. Motion passed.


President’s Report:

  • Lynn advised there is a UofA Wildcat football game on November 11th, with a kick-off at 8:15pm. We need volunteers to work the game and show up at 6:15pm. She passed around the volunteer sign-up sheet. We will also advertise the need for help on facebook and in emails. The last UofA football game will be a Bowl game on December 29, kick-off TBA. We will need parking volunteers for this game as well. Lynn advised that we were short one security guard at the October 14th football game so we could not park cars at the back lot. The company will reimburse us for this expense, as this was pre-paid.  

  • Baking Brigade – No update.

  • Lynn gave an update from the Site Council meeting and shared that the Council discusses how to spend undesignated tax credit monies $160.00 was allocated to Ms. Sutton for a Flandreau Planetarium fieldtrip.


    Principal’s Report:

    Mr. Sanchez thanked the PTSO for providing the funds to replace the basketball hoop. The school is looking great with the upgrades to the courtyard hoop, the artificial turf being installed, and the parking lot improvements. The students seem to be enjoying the courtyard improvements.

    Mr. Sanchez reported on the following topics:

  • Reward Trips, Nov. 3rd

  • Fall Choir Concert, November 9th

  • No School: Nov. 10; Nov. 23 and Nov. 24

  • Magnet Fall Open House – Nov. 28th, 6pm. The PTSO Vice President, Mary Wnek, will attend as the PTSO representative.   

  • STEM Night, November 30th, 5:30pm.

  • 2nd Qtr. Progress reports go out week of Nov. 27th

  • AZ Letter Grade - Mansfeld has a B grade, so is one of the best middle school in TUSD by this rubric. This is based on Az Merit testing.  With the new letter grade rubric, it is easier to identify students needing academic assistance.

  • Job Advertisements - still one open position for Exceptional Education teacher.  Two other positions filled (Math intervention (Wnek) and other Ex Ed teacher (Zeffirelli)).

  • Lunch House Account – Thanks to questions from our own Karen Mihina to Superintendent Trujillo during his presentation, Mr. Trujillo stated the district should be paying for hot lunches (no lunch shaming to occur) when students do not have money in their account. No student should get turned away. Mr. Sanchez inquired with the Superintendent that this should come from district funds and not school funds, and he will be seeking a district level funding source. Our PTSO had budgeted courtesy meal funds to pay Mansfeld’s Lunch House Account, though the funds may not be needed.

  • 8th Grade Students will visit Catalina High School on Nov. 13th. They will learn about district high schools during this field trip. 

  • Parent Pick-Up Changes. There are big changes coming to the student drop-off/pick-up on the west side of the school on Mountain Rd. Projected for January 2018. Mountain Rd. will become a one-way Northbound street only, and parents will exit Mountain with a right turn only. 





Community Representative’s Report:

  • Mentoring – 198 Mansfeld students are receiving mentoring/tutoring from U of A students.

  • Ms. Mosconi gave an update regarding the marquee. Maria Martinez, a school parent and PTSO member, made a presentation to the Pasqua Yaqui Tribe, who agreed to pay 12% of the total cost of the project, which is based on the number of Tribal students attending Mansfeld. This additional funding allowed for the marquee to happen! The PTSO will pay the original $3,000 previously allotted (per motion) amount toward the marquee.   


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • Janice Hughes gave a budget report.

  • Football Parking – The October 14th game raised $370.00 and the October 28th game raised $572.00. One regular season game scheduled for November 11th and a Bowl Game will be held on December 29th.

  • Traveling Bulldogs deposits made into their restricted funds line item in amount of $64.12 from Panda Express fundraiser and $502.00 from selling waters/snacks during football parking.

  • A chorus deposit was made in their restricted funds account in amount of $453.50.

  • A reimbursement request was received from Ms. Bittel for $7.00 for candy for the Boo at the Zoo event. A motion was made for reimbursement from the Special Projects line item. Motion passed.

  • A reimbursement request was received from Ms. Gutierrez for end-of-year pizza party for $38.00 for Boys Basketball. Motion made for reimbursement from the Sports Supplies line item. Motion passed.

  • A reimbursement request was received from Ms. Wnek for the Girls Volleyball end-of-year pizza party for $70.56. Motion made for reimbursement from the Sports Supplies line item. Motion passed.

  • Janice shared handouts explaining the Benefits App, which is a way to give 2% or more of purchase at many stores to PTSO using your smart phone at check out. It is set-up for the PTSO. Additionally, a campaign was made for the Traveling Bulldogs as well. When used, a specific student can be designated under this campaign, or monies earned can be allocated toward a scholarship. Mr. Sanchez will send out electronic copies of the forms.

  • It was noted that current 6th and 7th grade students can have Tax Credit donations designated this year and next year toward their 8th Grade Washington DC Trip.

  • A reimbursement request was made from Ms. Wnek for $13.66 for parking lot paint supplies from the parking expenses line item.    


    New Business:

  • Wendy asked about the overlap of the 8th Grade Washington DC Trip and the 8th grade Disneyland Trip. Mr. Sanchez shared that Disneyland is not allowing schools to visit Disneyland on weekends during May 2018. He prefer the trip happen after the AZ Merit testing. Students are only able to attend one of these trips.  

  • Ms. Mosconi brought up the 501c3 status. Discussion held. Lisa agreed to chair a committee regarding this topic. Goal is to attain 501c3 status. 

  • Lynn shared that Wendy applied for funding and the school received 12 new guitars from the Blues Foundation. The guitars were received during May 2017. Students are using the new guitars this year in Mr. Levario’s class and Ms. Davidson’s class.

  • Mansfeld was awarded $1000.00 for a Gnome contest. $500.00 will be allocated to the band and $500.00 will be allocated to the chorus.

  • Ms. Mosconi advised it is time to purchase gift cards for the Thanksgiving food drive. $500.00 has been designated for this event. 

  • Cami inquired about possible uniform changes. Mr. Sanchez advised he will do some research regarding how many votes from parents and/or students are needed to make changes, and what changes can be made, etc…  Mr. Sanchez will provide an update at next month’s meeting.


    Next Meeting and Adjournment:

    The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 7, 2017, at 6:00 pm in the school library. 


    Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.



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