PTSO Meeting Minutes January 11

Meeting Date:  January 11, 2018


Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.
Introductions of attendees. 

Minutes reviewed. Ms. Mosconi motioned to approve minutes from December 7, 2017. Motion passed.


President’s Report:

  • From Site Council meeting: There is $26,410 in tax credit funds. See Site Council minutes for details on breakdown on amounts. There was an approval to spend $400 on fixes to the ice machine.

  • Bulldog Bakers raised $100 for Chorus and $30.49 for the Band.

  • Lisa has submitted incorporation paperwork and paid fees.


Principal’s Report:

Mr. Sanchez reported on the following topics:

  • Enrollment went up to 992 (6th grade – 343; 7th grade – 309; 8th grade – 340). School received extra funding for teachers. Issue is space. School is staffed for 840.

  • Projected enrollment for 2018 – 2019 is 940. The 6th grade class will be smaller. The number for 6th grade magnet class will probably be 70.

  • Current student to teacher ratio is 35:1. It will be 30:1 in the fall.

  • Open positions: School Safety Monitor, Math Intervention, Ex. ED teacher.

  • Boys/Girls Soccer Season started.

  • There will be a Bulldog Belief assembly on January 19th. Students on the Principals Honor Roll and Honor Roll with get their free dress passes after the assembly. And Principal List students will be honored at the assembly.

  • Honor Roll Ceremony is January 24th. Check in is 4:30. Starts at 5:00.

  • 2nd Quarter Reward trips are January 26th.

  • Student/Parent/Staff School Quality surveys are January 23 to February 2nd. Students and Staff complete surveys online. Parents get a paper bubble sheet.

  • Lunch House Account – Mr. Sanchez advised the school is using the house account; Jan is tracking the account. District says it will pay for lunches.

  • Parent Pick-Up Changes. No update to the proposed changes to Mountain Rd. It may take longer than originally projected.  

  • Feedback on school uniforms: no additional color on the polos. Proposed Blue Spirit Shirt like the staff wears. Site Council is taking this option to its constituents.

  • There is a new security/monitoring system at the Main Entrance (door closest to west parking lot) that will be in place by January 29. You will need to press a button and speak to office staff to gain entrance to the building. Security in effect from 9:30 to 4:00.


School Community Liaison Report:
Ms. Mosconi reported the following:

  • PTSO gave 20 $25 gift cards to less fortunate families at the school.

  • Staff donated cards as well and 31 families received $50ish worth of help.

  • Eric Brown and family help Ms. Mosconi at the Firefighters Union Hall.

  • Ms. Mosconi meet with the district electrician and engineer about the marquee. Marquee will be turned off at 10pm every night. 

  • Ms. Mosconi reported that the “Bike in a Box” program gave 15 Mansfeld students bikes.





Treasurer’s Report:

Janice Hughes gave a budget report.


  • Team Security gave us a check for $103.12  to cover the cost of the guard no-show.

  • $667 was made at the bowl game parking

  • With the reduced cost of guards, and less made in football parking there is $401.27 short in projected income related to football.

  • Bulldog Bakers raised $30.49 for the Band. Need a restricted budget line for the band.

  • Karen motion we created a restricted budget line for band. Motion was seconded. Motion passed.

  • Campbell’s labels emailed saying the program was ending. Janice figured out how to get into the account and found we had 4447 points. We are able to get 3-4 balls (basketballs, volleyballs, etc) from their product catalog.

  • Karen motioned Jodi Gutierrez be reimbursed $91.53 from the sports line for the basketball celebration.

  • $272.67 from the PBIS line was approved (automatically) to Mr. Sanchez for golden tickets prizes.

  • Motion was made to provide $40, $30 and $20 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes at each grade level for the May STEM night (student project presented). Mary is going to call Eegee’s to see if we can get gift card donations for the night as well.


New Business:

  • Recruiting parents for President, Treasurer and Secretary needed. Also more volunteers for football.

  • Floral sales as a fundraising option at Honor Ceremonies and Promotion.

  • Bylaws committee formed to review and revise bylaws. Committee is Mary, Sarah, Cami, Lynn and Karen. Karen will email bylaws to committee members.

  • January 30th Traveling Bulldogs having a fundraiser at La Cocina. They are also having a drawing at STEM Night (March 1, 2018). Tickets for the drawing will be sold at Conference night, Honor Ceremony and at La Cocina.

  • Students need backpacks (can be gently used)

  • Teacher Supply kits fundraiser was decided against.

  • Anna Marcum is requested ½ the cost of a Cricut from the PTSO. Motion was made to approve $121.60 from school supplies line for  ½ the cost of the cricut. Site Council is paying the other half.


Next Meeting and Adjournment:

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feburary 1, 2018, at 6:00 pm in the school library. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.




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