PTSO Meeting Minutes March 8, 2018

Meeting Date:  March 8, 2018


Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm. 




Minutes reviewed. Motion passed to accept minutes from February 2018 meeting.


President’s Report:

  • Lynn gave update on tax credit balance, which is approx. $15,000.00, as reported in Site Council meeting.        


    Principal’s Report:

    Mr. Sanchez reported on the following topics:

  • School Wide Benchmark Assessment Results – Exceeded District Average

  • End of the Quarter

  • Report Cards – Mailed week of March 19th

  • Spring Break – March 19-23

  • A+ Visit March 27 & 28

  • AZMERIT Kickoff (Assembly/Incentives)

  • AIMS Science (8th Graders) March 28

  • April 3, 4, 5 (Writing) ELA & Math (April 9-27)

  • Staffing for 2018-19: Filled Positions (Retirements/Relocation)

  • Magnet/5th Grade Registration (April 17-18) 5-7 pm in Library

  • Promotion Ceremony Letter – 8th Grade Parents will receive letter with Report Card with details of event. May 23, 5:30-7:30.

  • Recognitions: Boys Soccer – Middle School Champs

  • Girls Soccer – 2nd Place in City

  • Peter Pan Jr. Musical/Play

  • Science Olympiad-Competing in State

  • TUSD Honor Orchestra

  • March 30, 2018 No School

  • Projects:

    • Solar Panel Project – Phase I (Parking Lot Mar 19-23)

    • Painting of School – Mar 12 (4 month project)

    • Parent/Pick-up (Westside): Late Spring/Early summer


 School Community Liaison Report:

  • Ms. Mosconi reported on Title I paperwork and Parent Involvement Policy survey.  

  • Marquee is in the installation stage. 

  • Ms. Mosconi advised the Pasqua Yaqui tribe approved $2,000.00 toward the marquee.

  • The Pasqua Yaqui Tribe provided $2,000.00, which pays for the electrical portion of the marquee install.        


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • Janice Hughes gave a budget report

  • Chorus Booster expenses for Peter Pan distributed, $413.83; balance is $1996.27. Received a Budget Lien Activity Worksheet from Karen.

  • DC Fundraisers ongoing; Balance is $2623.78

  • Student Council Deposited $71.00 and check made out to ASPCA Oxfam.

  • 501c3 application submitted to IRS, $275.00 fee paid.

  • A previous donation of $100.00 was made to Ms. Johnson’s Gofundme for the EcoAdvocates books, which was voted on by Executive Committee on 02/16/18 for Mrs. Johnson’s classroom. Ms. Johnson purchased 10 books for $128.02 and needs reimbursed. She requests 5 additional books. A request will be made to the Gofundme for the $100.00 to be returned to the PTSO. Motion was made to fund 15 books up to $200.00 from the School Supplies account. Any money left will be returned to the PTSO. Motion passed. 

  • Motion was made to move $200.00 from the Courtesy Meals account to School Supplies. Motion passed.

  • Tax credit for Ms. Marcum’s Cricut previously denied. Additional funding was voted on by Executive Committee for a total purchase of $254.73.

  • Sarah advised they sold flowers as a fundraiser. After some expenses there is a profit. Karen suggested they can run the expenses and profits through the Chorus Booster. We discussed further sales at the 8th Grade Promotion.  


    New Business:

  • Mr. Sanchez requested PTSO cover breakfast for the school review judges next week.

  • Discussed revised Bi-Laws. PTSO members asked to review and vote on at the next meeting.

  • Elections held for the new PTSO Board.

    • President: Lynn Helseth voted to extend Lynn’s term for one year, after motion to make exception to By-Laws.   

    • Vice-President: Vacant.

    • Secretary: Cami Evans voted as new secretary.

    • Treasurer: Karen Mihina voted as Interim Treasurer, until a Treasurer is voted in. 

  • Football parking discussed. 7 Games next year. Passes will be $10.00 per game/$70.00 total until July 30. As of August 1, 2018, cost of passes will be $85.00 total. 132 parking spots available. Passes will need to get printed and disseminated.

  • Student Parking – Current price is $300. After a discussion, a Motion was made to increase student parking to $400.00 per year, which is still substantially less than what the university charges. Motion passed. Need to also send out notices to student pass holders in May.

  • Mr. Sanchez gave update on the locker rooms. Cost is more than expected. Will explore possible Gofundme for it.   

  • 501c3 Update – Janice submitted the application. Janice received the Certificate of Reinstatement from the Arizona Corporation Commission dated February 26, 2016. She is retaining the Certificate. The PTSO will receive action updates through Lisa’s email and the PTSO’s email. The federal paperwork is due in November.

  • Recruiting – PTSO Rep needed to share PTSO info at the upcoming 5th Grade Promotion on April 17 & 18th. Lynn or Mary.

  • Mr. Sanchez approved the Washington DC group selling parking during the Book Festival.

  • Will discuss the 8th Grade breakfast at the next PTSO meeting.             


    Next Meeting and Adjournment:

    The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 5, 2018, at 6:00 pm in the school library. 


    Meeting adjourned at 7:48 pm.

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