PTSO Meeting Minutes April 5, 2018

Meeting Date:  April 5, 2018


Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm. 


Minutes reviewed. Motion passed to accept minutes from March 2018 meeting.


President’s Report:

  • Lynn gave update on 501c3 status, which is currently pending. Lisa C. and Janice H. continue to work on this and will file reports as required. .

  • Football Parking – We have sold 15 passes. We received a check today. Karen M. is working on the parking. Janice made an ad we can use for advertising. Karen will ask Lisa to send an email to the UofA parking group. New price is $400.00, (previously voted on). Karen advised there will be a fan fest and football game on April 14; PTSO does not want to pursue parking for this event.        


    Principal’s Report:

    Mr. Sanchez reported on the following topics:

  • School Wide Benchmark Assessment Results – Exceeded District Average

  • End of the Quarter

  • Report Cards – Mailed week of March 19th

  • Spring Break – March 19-23

  • A+ Visit March 27 & 28

  • AZMERIT Kickoff (Assembly/Incentives)

  • AIMS Science (8th Graders) March 28

  • April 3, 4, 5 (Writing) ELA & Math (April 9-27)

  • Staffing for 2018-19: Filled Positions (Retirements/Relocation)

  • Magnet/5th Grade Registration (April 17-18) 5-7 pm in Library

  • Promotion Ceremony Letter – 8th Grade Parents will receive letter with Report Card with details of event. May 23, 5:30-7:30.

  • Recognitions: Boys Soccer – Middle School Champs

  • Girls Soccer – 2nd Place in City

  • Peter Pan Jr. Musical/Play

  • Science Olympiad-Competing in State

  • TUSD Honor Orchestra

  • March 30, 2018 No School

  • Projects:

    • Solar Panel Project – Phase I (Parking Lot Mar 19-23)

    • Painting of School – Mar 12 (4 month project)

    • Parent/Pick-up (Westside): Late Spring/Early summer


 School Community Liaison Report:

  • Marquee has been installed. Training forthcoming for programming the marquee.   

  • Discussion regarding the 8th Grade Breakfast. Will have a continental style breakfast.

  • Tutoring ongoing.

  • Donations received from Sarah P. for hygiene items for students. Much appreciated!  


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • Janice Hughes gave a budget report

  • Chorus Booster expenses distributed; $1326.14; funds deposited 70.50, balance is $740.72

  • DC Fundraisers ongoing; Balance is $2804.99.

  • Disneyland checks submitted.

  • Ms. Mosconi reported we are still waiting for Ms. Johnson’s Gofundme refund for the EcoAdvocates books. There will be a fee associated with the transaction.

  • PBIS reimbursements requested.    

  • Motion was made to move $200.00 from the Courtesy Meals account to School Supplies.    Motion passed.

  • Football PayPal balance at 1,015.05. 15 parking passes at 70 minus paypal fees.

  • Ms. Gutierrez requested $119.26 for the End-of-Year Girl’s Soccer party. Motion made to reimburse Ms. Gutierrez; motion approved.

  • Ms. Mosconi requested reimbursement for $143.spent for the A+ Evaluator breakfast. Motion made to reimburse Ms. Mosconi and to take funds from the Back To School and Holiday Breakfast line items; motion approved.

  • Ms. Kirsten Mosconi requested reimbursement of $130.50 she spent on several large Post-It Easel pads teachers use in class. Motion made to reimburse Ms. Mosconi from the School Supplies line item; motion passed.

  • 501c3 application submitted to IRS, expect decision or request for more info by the end of the month. Need to file 8822-B for change of address and change of responsible party.

  • Motion made to pay the $10.00 fee from the PTSO Business Supplies line item to maintain the PTSO’s 501c3 status with the AZ Corporation Commission; motion passed.   

  • Janice will distribute the Washington DC to students and Disneyland funds to Ms Gutierrez for trip payment.  no vote required.

  • Discussion regarding the Courtesy Meal account. Mr. Sanchez advised the PTSO would not need to pay this bill. A motion was made to move $1504.00 in the Courtesy Lunch account to the PTSO Special Projects account; motion passed.


    New Business:

  • Motion made to adopt the By-Laws as revised; motion passed.  

  • Mr. Sanchez gave update on the locker rooms. Quote was $27,000.00 from approved vendor. This is a long-term project, which was tabled for the 2018-19 school year.  

  • Discussed surveying outgoing parents/students about what they would like to see changed/improved at the school.

  • Sarah will check prices for possible flower sales at the 8th Grade promotion.

  • Teacher Appreciation. Mr. Sanchez will purchase snack items to take around to each class. PTSO will also provide a Teacher Appreciation breakfast for the teachers/staff. Motion made to spend $200.00 for snacks and $200.00 for teacher breakfast.    

  • #RedforEd. Discussed this topic and parent email received. PTSO will send an email letting the community know where they can get information, which includes ways to get involved if they choose. A Walk-In is scheduled for Wednesday, April 11th. Will put on the PTSO F/B site and will send an email with information. Those in support are encourage dot wear red the day of the walk-in; students to wear uniforms.

  • Call to the Audience: A request was made to have non-food ideas at events, due to food allergies.         


    Next Meeting and Adjournment:

    The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 3, 2018, at 6:00 pm in the school library. 


    Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.



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