PTSO Meeting Minutes - August 9, 2018

Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.


Introductions of everyone in attendance


Lynn and Karen also explained all of the sign-up sheets, including the parking fundraiser.


As you will see from the budget presented below, PTSO routinely provides funds for many aspects of the Mansfeld student/community experience. If we are to continue to do so, we need volunteers to help with our fundraisers and projects. Our main fundraiser is selling parking spots at the U of A home football games. We will also need to develop new and continuing additional fundraising if we are to continue to provide the same support to our school that we have been doing. Along with the sign-up sheets for Football and other fundraising, sign-up sheets were also passed out for Hospitality (to help provide food for teacher appreciation events, dances, promotion etc), Community Services (to help Ms. Mosconi with her projects – see below), and Communication (to help communicate with our community and coordinate our efforts). Please consider volunteering to help our school by volunteering in one of these areas. You do not need to come to the PTSO meetings to be part of our community and help out. Just email Thank you!


Minutes reviewed. Motion passed to accept minutes from May, 2018 meeting.


President’s Report:

* Lynn gave a brief summary of PTSO activities since last meeting: UA daily permit parking fundraiser cancelled parking extra cancelled, recruiting at orientations, Teacher/Staff welcome breakfast

* Site Council meeting report (May and August). Explained Site Council and extended invitation. Site Council determines how tax credit donation funds are used and also influences school policies such as school uniforms. Site Council needs more parent members to attend the monthly meetings which are usually 1st Thursday at 4:30pm. Please contact Catherine Davidson ( if you are interested in participating.


Principal’s Report:

Mr. Aleshire (new principal!) introduced himself and reported on the following topics:

- 8/23 6-7:30 Open House

- 8/27 picture day

- Big population because more students are coming because the school is improving. (Dr. Aleshire—i apparently missed a lot of this message—anything you’d prefer me to pass along here? :) ) Dr. Aleshire is aware of the difficulties created by large class sizes, and he will continue working with TUSD as Mr. Sanchez had done to find ways to improve this.

- Traffic issues - the city is doing an abandonment (part of Mountain Ave), only north end will be

owned by us. Turning it into one way out of the parking and feeding north and east onto 6th St.

Hoping to have it done in a week (maybe Fall break or over winter break) There will be lots of communication about it once the project is underway/complete.


School Community Liaison Report:

- Ms. Mosconi welcomed everyone and explained a bit about her role at the school.

- Uniforms is a big part of the school. We get a lot donated but it takes a lot of time to organize them and launder them. Discussed the possibility about organizing as much as possible and pay to launder those that are in the most needed sizes (for now, then may launder more in future) If you are interested in helping organize donated uniforms or other items, please email

- Sweatshirts are needed, please donate

- Marquee vandalized (antenna was pulled off, but new one is in)

- Karen explained old parking--some UA students still parking in the lot, will address

- 100-ish UA tutors tutored about 285 students last year (all fingerprinted and all in library)

- Project Soar supplies about 25 tutors

- Needs: backpacks, deodorant, sweatshirts, sweaters or jackets

- She helps supply glasses, shoes (5 times a year, 4 students each time).

- Training forthcoming for programming the marquee.


Treasurer’s Report:

$14,806.97 in checking; $2980.67 is restricted funds' $5816 in savings that is undesignated; Appx $7800 carried from last year (we've had a surplus that been building for several years. Currently, our checking and savings will cover our year's budget with an excess of $3,332.58. As we make additional income, the undesignated amount will increase.


Projected income is $12,561; Projected expenses are $14,310; $1749 is needed to prop up this year's budget (or line items can be reduced) expenses. In this year's budget, I have decreased several lines (fine art, school supplies, sports) to adjust for lost income. Our PBIS budget seems to go up every year, but I left it the same as last year. We sometimes have to vote to increase this budget line (we have the excess of $3,332.58 to draw from). $4130.20 in income has been received to date of the $12,561 in projected income.


Income breakdown for this year: Our income is football parking passes $9100 (132*70); Lot parking, 35 spaces at $10.00 each, estimate 350 for 6 games. In September we can only park 16 cars because of the 6th grade social studies canal project.

We've sold 61 of 132 parking passes for the front lot. Need to sell 70 more.


Change in income: We anticipated $8000 more in the budget, but had to discontinue our UA parking fundraiser, so we will return to our 2014 appx income of $13,000 annually. Also last year we made $6000 on UA parking, so technically we're looking to replace $6000.


Upcoming expenses:

- $238 insurance quote for general liability (1,000,000) plus loss of money to $10,000 vs. 450.00 at State Farm.

- What is the contract amount for guards Lynn? $1,520.75

- $225 on parking tags


Signed up for GuideStar (non-profit directory) so we can sign-up for (which will take a few weeks for our info to get from Guidestar to Amazon)


And here is the spending report from last year: We generated $16,725 in income for 2017-2018; We spent $15,676; Holding $2980 in restricted funds for Boosters, Grants, STEM Night, Sci Olym, and more. Fundraising 2017-2018 Mansfeld Magnet Middle School PTSO raises money through parking sales during UA Football games, a December Bowl Game and UA permit spots. Football parking raised $9682.36 Bowl Game $667.00 UA Parking $6000.00 Donations We received donations of $200, $6.00 and $100 We returned $100 at the request of the donor since the donation didn’t need to be applied to meal payment. They wanted to donate to the TUSD general lunch fund.


Expenses 2017-2018

$5,142.61 on PBIS (lunches, grab bags, golden tickets) $1,000 on holiday assistance (Thanksgiving & December Holidays) $629.96 on Sports related expenses (mostly food) $270 on STEM Supplies $300 on BOOST Supplies $585.23 on misc school supplies $295.60 on student meals $49.00 on uniforms $675 on 8th Grade Dance $1259.46 on 8th Grade Breakfast $300 on teacher breakfast (Aug and May) $123.17 on holiday lunch; $1109.21 on teacher appreciation (Shirts, Lunches) $49.25 A+ committee lunch $ 174 on PTSO supplies, stamps, env, corp fee; Items that were budgeted for but no one requested: School beautification Fine Arts Supplies


New Business:

- Ms. Sutton (8th grade teacher) brought fundraiser idea and a form for a current special: 20 oz aluminum water bottle, screw on cap with carabiner clip with logo, $2.94 cost sell for $10. Cami said she would research a bit more so we could move forward—consensus was that selling a refillable water bottle (with school logo) is a great idea.

- Ms. Sutton brought information about a $900 LK water fountain/water bottle fillers (combined).

This will be explored as a possible special project. Potentially compare with other similar options.

- Discussed and decided to put out a school-wide survey to determine what the community as a whole would like us to focus on as a special project. Survey will list as options the following:

water filler stations, a/v equipment (sound equipment and/or projector screen) for library and/or auditorium, bathroom soap dispenser and/or bathroom health and aesthetics improvements.

- Jim Click raffle discussed as a possible fundraiser, will discuss more at next meeting.

- DC trip for 8th graders explained

- Target gift card drawing for the Remind and email sign-ups. Winner is Crystal Hernandez


Next Meeting and Adjournment:

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 6, 2018, at 6:00 pm in the school library.

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