PTSO Meeting Minutes 9/6/2018

Meeting Date: September 6, 2018

Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.


Introductions of everyone in attendance
Minutes reviewed. Minutes modified to add that budget was approved as submitted by treasurer. Motion passed to accept minutes with that adjustment from August 2018 meeting.

President’s Report:
- Lynn gave a brief summary of PTSO activities since last meeting: UA football parking went well, each student who attends gets five bulldoggers for helping! We still need volunteers for future games, please continue to sign up as you can.
- Site Council needs more parents to attend/participate, Lynn is the only one so far. Meetings are almost always the same days as PTSO meetings at 4:30pm in room 113.


Principal’s Report:
Dr. Aleshire reported on the following topics:
- Americorps 9/11 Memorial STEM fair on 9/8 1-4p, Mayor Rothschild, Senator Bradley, activities and food for the entire family in cafeteria
- Still working on abandonment of Mountain Ave--north end and adding ADA compliant. Still hoping to have done over Fall Break
- 9/12-14 Parent/Teacher conferences. If you haven't been contacted specifically about meeting with your student's teacher(s), you can still come on Thursday from 6-7:30p in the cafeteria. Early dismissal at 12:16 or 12:50 if your student attends lunch.
- Benchmark testing is coming up! 6th grade 9/24-25, 7th grade 9/27-28, 8th grade 10/1-2
- Enrollment is still high at 1,021. Very aware of large class sizes, etc. Working to address any possible issues related.
- Severe concerns have been raised about the dismissal process. School Safety can evaluate after the abandonment project is done.
- New librarian and a new office aide started this week--welcome aboard!
- Parents are welcome to come help monitor during lunch, passing periods, etc. Please contact Dr. Aleshire to volunteer. He's happy for people interested in helping once or many times!

 School Community Liaison Report:
- Ms. Mosconi thanked multiple people for many generous donations. Thank you all!
 - Parking passes are almost all settled, those who hadn't received them yet got a letter to verify.
 - Marquee is so close to being done--just needs electricity run to antennas and it will be ready
- Andrea has made loads or progress on the uniform closet! Thank you! Bags of uniforms for laundering were brought and many people took them home to wash. Thank you too!
 - Jim Click raffle - tickets must be sold by probably end of November for 12/7 drawing. 1st prize is Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. 2nd & 3rd prizes also. Tickets are $25,  Fundraising Committee will work with Ms. Mosconi to get this organized.
 - We discussed our generous donation from Pascua Yaqui last year and how/when to submit for  another donation this year.
 - Someone advised the Gates Foundation is distributing $450million and suggested we should look into whether it is by grant or how it will be distributed.
 - Tutor/mentoring for about 135 students already. All have fingerprint ID cards--by Christmas there  will be about 280 kids being tutored.

Treasurer’s Report:
From the budget sheet:
Checking Balance - $15,855.52
Savings Balance - 5,916.43
Paypal - 231.84
Amount in checking for us to use (minus restricted funds of $2,980.87) $12,874.85
Undesignated funds (we can use at our discretion) - 4,481.13


Expenses and Income, comparing Aug and Sept Budget:
Expenses to date for aug $603.52; for sept 1,036.73
Income to date for aug 4,143.48; for sept 6,920.77

Expenses (since the last report)

Football related
9.77 (ink) 2nd round of mailing
15.00 (stamps) 2nd round of mailing
368.01 (rest of tags) 2nd round of mailing
40.43 (ink/stamps) first round of mailing

Income (since the last report)
1150.39 paypal from parking
70 check for parking
406.02 paypal from parking
830.00 football game cash (total deposit was 1230.00, but that includes extra from change 400)

Sold 103 passes; sold all 40 "empty" spots last weekend. Empty spots are passes not yet sold.
Currently have 27 passes left
Adjusted front lot parking expected income to 130 spaces, previously 132 (incorrect #). Income budget line drops from 9240.00 to 9100.00 (of expected income)
Adjusted backlot parking expected income to drop one game (sept 1, lot was not available, there was a key/lock issue). Income budget line drops from 2260.00 to 1910.00 (income drops $350)

Reimbursement and purchase requests
PBIS expenses are pre-approved without vote.
Dr. Aleshire requested the 3 money gift cards of 300.00 each for each grade to be used by teachers for their PBIS lunches. The cards will be picked up the weekend of Sept 8, delivered week of 9/10.
Dr. Aleshire also submitted a reimbursement of $29.74 for PBIS grab bag prizes. Also requested $25.00 gift card for teachers prize (to be purchased and reimbursed to Michelle or himself).

New Business:
- Special Projects Survey results are in: 157 water bottles, bathroom 79. PE upgrades, vending machine, soda, better snacks for less money, sports equipment... Water bottle fillers it is! Pseudo  committee formed: Jose, Jasmine, Sarah, Jose. Will research and meet outside of PTSO and  will consider installation and maintenance costs and will also ask Site Council for donation.
 - Eye to Eye International, club on UA campus, IEP plan kids, fine arts to kids with academic or  behavioral disabilities. They suggested a large fee and we offered $50 as a token donation/fee.  They run simultaneously with BOOST program. Approved $50 from fine arts budget.  This will be explored as a possible special project. Potentially compare with other similar options.

 - Discussed and decided to put out a school-wide survey to determine what the community as a whole would like us to focus on as a special project. Survey will list as options the following:
 water filler stations, a/v equipment (sound equipment and/or projector screen) for library and/or  auditorium, bathroom soap dispenser and/or bathroom health and aesthetics improvements.
 - Potential opportunity to sell parking for Band Day on 10/13 if the parking lot is done. (It has since been determined that there is free parking being offered by UA for the day.
 - We can remove 8th grade event planning from our agendas. There is an email group already established for that purpose.
 - Due to the next scheduled meeting falling the night before Grading Day (no school), motion passed to move meeting to Tuesday, October 2nd at 6 p.m.

Next Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2, 2018 (**Note the changed date**), at 6:00 pm in the school library.
Meeting adjourned at 7:37 pm.

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