PTSO Meeting Minutes November 2018

Meeting Date: November 1, 2018
Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:08 p.m.
Introductions of everyone in attendance
October meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes are approved with one modification to clarify the change was to add the Jim Click Raffle budget line.

President’s Report
Lynn shared “thank you’s” to those who volunteered at that Oct 6th and 27th football parking fundraisers and to those who have been working to sell Jim Click Raffle tickets.

Principal’s Report
Dr. Aleshire reported on the following topics:
-We officially have a fully staffed school-all positions filled!
-The solar project is done, lights in the parking lot are in and working great!
-The district redid the locker rooms—flooring, paint, etc. and they look wonderful!
-Dr. Aleshire put in for a Verizon technology grant--awarding a 1 to 1 iPad to student ratio! We are officially to round four! They will be touring classrooms, talking with teachers, students, etc. in a few weeks.
-We are still working on managing classroom sizes. We will be adding teachers aides with Title 1 funds adding two to 7th grade.
-PBIS lunch incentive is super popular, number 1 incentive – for 40 bulldoggers PTSO pays for teachers and staff to take students to lunch—hurray!
-He talked about partnership building with groups in the community, churches, etc. The church that meets on our campus will be giving more in general and he’s working with them on how/what.

School Community Liaison Report
Ms. Mosconi reported on the following:
-Kevin Brungard (Washington DC chaperone/teacher) will fill out form to request Pascua Yaqui tribe donation
-187 receiving student tutoring
-Marquee is fully up--we should sell birthday messages for $5
-Thanksgiving gift cards - Request for 50 $20 cards, Walmart for Thanksgiving and Christmas. She would like to do 35 families, Fruchthendler Elementary School adopts 10 of our Mansfeld families for Christmas, firefighters also do a lot of donating.
-A teacher donated $80 that he won!

Treasurer’s Report
Karen reported the following:
From the budget sheet:
Checking Balance - $18,784.61;Savings Balance - $6116.73; Paypal - 0 ; Amount in checking for us to use (minus restricted funds of $4315.00) $14,468.83
Undesignated funds (we can use at our discretion) - $6275.56

Expenses and Income
Expenses (since the last report)
$75.00 Andrea for foot injury when helping in uniform room
$101.94 for Golden Ticket
$79.99 for Teacher PBIS
$86.28 for PBIS grab bag
Requests from Restricted lines (paid into by clubs, groups at school)
$418.02 from Notre Dame Grant to Ms. Vogel
$63.62, $32.00, $600.00 from Chorus/Music Theater to Mr. Levario.
Received from chorus, $110.00, $112.13, $1113.10 in fundraising monies
Income (since the last report)
$1218.00 cash/paypal from parking
$25 from Jim Click ticket (Jessica Acuna's family has sold tickets, but don't know their numbers yet)
Sold 110 passes; Currently have 20 passes left
Holding two for this week's game and 1 for Nov 24 game
Funding request Ms. Welsh
$125 STEM or School supplies

Big frog invoice hasn't come?

New Business:
-In order to assist with backpacks being too heavy, teachers requested 12 storage bins, they will research and propose bins
-flash drives-buy strips for USB ports, proposal (possible stocking stuffers) for teachers (should I hide this so it will be a surprise?! Ha—surprise teachers, maybe!)
-Dr. Aleshire brought a pitch for possible project for PTSO, the trophy case shelves are getting bent.
Propose a shelf in library--we suggested that we use the space above the bookcases on the east end
of the library. Consensus was that this should work.

Next Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, December 6, 2018, at 6:00 pm in the school library.
Meeting adjourned at 7:14 pm.

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