PTSO Meeting Minutes December 2018

 Meeting Date:  December 5, 2018

Lynn called the meeting to order at 5:43 p.m. 
Introductions of everyone in attendance
November meeting minutes reviewed and approved as written.


President’s Report
In interest of time (Orchestra concert this evening) no President’s Report this month.


Principal’s Report
Dr. Aleshire reported on the following topics:
- Site council report from December meeting. Site council will be buying some folding chairs for the school.
-2nd Quarter Accomplishments
• Hired essential personnel for 7th grade, teachers aides helping due to classroom size
• Walkthrough for Verizon grant was well received, the team was impressed by the students, our STEM program, and technological innovation in the classrooms, we’ll find out late December if we have been awarded the Grant.
• District walkthrough was a huge success, team was impressed with
o Culture and Climate of The School
o Student Engagement
o Level of Cognitive Rigor
o Rapport and Respect among students and teachers
o Clarity of communication between student and teachers, both verbally, visually, and use of technology
• Managing enrollment complications and concerns, continuing to work with the District towards viable solutions.  Governing Board meeting of 11/13 the topic of boundary revisions was brought up and this may be a good opportunity to make a case for Mansfeld.
• Going out to lunch with teacher remains our highest grossing PBIS program
• Benchmark Number 2 currently going on we’ll be testing right up to the end of the break
• Partnership with our church has led to adoption of several of our families, donations of food, toys, and household items
• Fine Arts performances last week and this week, huge shout out to Mr. Levario and Ms. Davidson!
• Undefeated boys v.b. and girls b.b., Division 12 champions and playoffs begin next week
Upcoming Events
• Decision by Verizon Grant (pending)
• Winter Break (12/21-1/7)
• Science Olympiad Invitational 1/12
• Abandonment project still in bureaucratic limbo, no updates at this time, will obviously not occur during the winter break

School Community Liaison Report
Ms. Mosconi reported on the following:
-222 students getting tutoring and more tutors are needed to help more kids who need it
-The church did so much to help our families for Thanksgiving—adopted a family, bought kids complete outfits, coats, uniforms, gift cards, etc.
-Marquee is fully up--we should sell birthday messages for $5.  We had discussion about how that will work. All sales will go to the General Teacher Appreciation fund.
-Many good things coming up for the holidays and can’t wait to share them after the break.


Treasurer’s Report
Karen reported the following:
From the budget sheet: Checking Balance - $17,279.40; Savings Balance - $6216.88; Paypal - 0
Amount in checking for us to use (minus restricted funds of $3620.79) $13,658.61; Undesignated funds (we can use at our discretion) - $5,565.49
Expenses and Income

Expenses (since the last report)
$268.21 Golden PBIS (in budget/auto)
$75.48 Pizza basketball (Approved at mtg Nov 2018)
$500.00 thanks cards (in budget)
$136.22 books (approved at mtg Nov 2018)
$629.64 PBIS lunch cards (getting separate 100 cards adds more fees) (in budget/auto)
$314.82 PBIS (in budget/auto)
$500.00 Holiday cards (in budget)

Requests from Restricted lines (paid into by clubs, groups at school)
Received from chorus, $701.50 + $239 in fundraising monies
Request to pay for Candy from Chorus $600
Received STEM Night Money $78.55
Income (since the last report)
UA Parking Completed.

Sold 110 passes
cash for the year $4150.00 ($840 more than expected)
paypal for the year $7289.77 ($1810.00 less than what was expected)
Total For UA Parking $11439.77

For Next Meeting
Tax designation change (fees of $400.00)
Lynn to sign paperwork for voted on reimbursements/funding requests
PBIS projections
Moving some money from savings to PBIS lunches, we're at 1/2 way point and we have a spent more than 1/2 the budget.

Disney trip? Usually there's been money collected by now. Is this happening?
Invoice needs to be paid to security service that A-Team Security provides for our Football Parking Fundraisers (need the invoice).

Call for reimbursements
reminder there $200 for teacher holiday breakfast (to Dr. Aleshire & Ms. Weisbrod)

$500 for teacher appreciation USB drives (multi-USB ports).
$300 for the holiday breakfast approved.

New Business:
-In order to assist with backpacks being too heavy, teachers requested 12 storage bins, they will research and propose bins—waiting for proposal.
-Approved $500 to buy multi-USB ports.
-Water bottle filling stations are still being explored.
-Andrea (librarian) suggested purchasing shelving and a clothing rack to better organize and present lost & found items for easier retrieval.  It was suggested that there may be a way to get equipment through the district so all avenues will be explored.
-Mr. Brungard is putting in a grant request with the Pascua Yaqui tribe for scholarships for the 8th grade DC trip.
-Regular volunteers needed to help keep up organization in the uniform closet.
-Tax designation needs to be changed, will be addressed at the January meeting.

Next Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 10, 2018, at 6pm in the school library. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:48 pm.

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