PTSO Meeting Minutes January 2019

Meeting Date: January 10, 2019
Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.
Introductions of everyone in attendance
December meeting minutes reviewed and approved as written.

President’s Report
Discussion on needing to recruit and brainstorming ideas on how to get more to attend meetings and at least a few more people willing to participate on the PTSO board.

Principal’s Report
Dr. Aleshire reported on the following topics:
- Hiring of new office staff: Ms. Veronica has gone to Carrillo, Ms. Monique Rivera will begin as our office manager 1/22. Currently looking to hire a new office aide as well, position is currently posted.
- We did receive the Verizon Grant and will be working towards its roll out in 2019-2020 school year
- Completed our 2nd quarter benchmark with results we are all very proud of:
 o 1st in the District in our 6th Grade ELA and Algebra Scores
 o 2nd in the District in our 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes
 o 3rd in the District in our 7th and 8th grade ELA classes
 o Higher than the District Average by 9-20% points!

Upcoming Events
 1/12 :Science Olympiad Invitational
 1/18: Rewards Field Trips
 1/21: MLK Day: No School
 1/25: Bulldog Belief Assemblies
 1/29: Honor Roll Night @ 5:30 p.m.
 2/1 & 3/1: Honor Roll Free Dress Days

Thank You:
A huge thank you to our PTSO for our holiday breakfast which was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by our staff.

School Community Liaison Report
Ms. Mosconi reported on the following:
Thanks to the generous donations from PTSO, Firefighter’s Union Hall, Tucson Church of Christ, Fruchthendler Elementary School, and some of our staff, we were lucky and blessed enough during the holidays to be generous to 50 families from Mansfeld. Most
of these 50 families had five to eight people in their family, so we gave more than one $20-25 gift cards. The families adopted by Fruchthendler, received not only many nice gifts from their wish list, but also $500 cash and $130 in gift cards, and a new bike for each child—even if they didn’t ask for one.
We are currently tutoring or mentoring approximately 230 students. Ms. Mosconi is currently scheduling student’s new schedules with U of A student’s new schedules.
Tutoring will begin Monday, the 14th.
The uniform closet is in need of washing, folding, and sorting again (and ongoing). Ms. Mosconi took home two loads this week to wash and fold but that is about all she can contribute each week or so. Lynn may email the committee to solicit more help.
Reminder: Family Resource Centers are at Catalina High School (call 232-8684) and Palo Verde High School (call 584-7455). They are offering FREE English classes for adults.
Should you have any questions, please call Ms. Mosconi at 225-1834 or email her at

Treasurer’s Report
Karen reported the following:
From the budget sheet: Checking Balance - $19,744.18; Savings Balance - $6317.04; Paypal - 0; Amount in checking for us to use (minus restricted funds of $3620.79) $12,955.34
Undesignated funds (we can use at our discretion) - $4,962.48

Expenses and Income
Expenses (since the last report 12/6/2018)
$1520.75 A-1 Security (in budget)
$575 for Jim Click Sales ($100 pending)
$663 for Bowl Game
Requests/Deposits - Restricted Budget lines (paid into by clubs, groups at school)
Received from Ms. G Disneyland money $2687.00
Received $142 from Chorus for Winter Concert Sales
Received $238 from Chorus for candy sales
Received $100 from Choir for Airport Caroling
Call for reimbursements
$320 for teacher holiday breakfast (to Dr. Aleshire & Ms. Weisbrod)
Some budget lines were changed:
Football pass goal was $9100, but actually should be $8797.10 to account for paypal fees
Jim Click goal was changed from $750 to $675.00
Tax issue
The original files classified us as a Private Foundation and has our fiscal year ending Dec 31.
The tax form for a private foundation (990-PF) is 13 pages and much of it does not pertain to MMS PTSO.
The IRS said we should be classified as a public charity, so we need to file for reclassification. To do so, we need to fill out a schedule A that describes our income activities and also fill out a 8940 form which is a reclassification request. There is a $400 filing fee. We should also then change our fiscal filing year at this time to end in June.
School safety opened the gate for us during the bowl game--should the PTSO send thanks to school safety? Dr. Aleshire said he would handle.
Haven't been able to resolve Big Frog Inv. I called in Dec and they ask to talk after holidays and I called today and Lynn is out, so teacher polos invoice isn't resolved yet.
PBIS Lunches
Our budget is set for $300 per quarter with a little wiggle room.
We have been spending $300 per week. Projections have us running out of funding by
the end of the year and we would have to borrow income from all of the budget lines.
PBIS program is set by administration and PTSO agrees to fund it, but this year's
spending needs to be rethought. Committee will be formed to come up with PBIS ideas.
Received $100 on outstanding from Jim Click, and $25 from Alamazon Family
Received $665 in Disney money
$320 breakfast bill was approved (initially submitted at $300).
$88.99 was submitted by Dr. Aleshire to cover PBIS and teacher appreciation--request
was approved.
Ms. G submitted request for $58.98 for boys volleyball celebration.
-reimbursements approved
-Discussion on upping football parking prices and it was approved to keep prices the same for next year at $10/game.
PTSO Activities/New Business:
-We need volunteers to help with laundry—will put on fb and in PTSO emails
-Lost & Found equipment, voted to pay up to $360 (200 from beautification, the rest from School Supplies-160)
-Marquee announcements: we will stick with birthdays for now, will revisit next month.
-Bins for classrooms—Dr. Aleshire will bring prices
-Fundraising committee will work on water bottle sales plan
-Discussed possibly writing letter of support for abandonment issue

Next Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 7 at 6 p.m. in the school library.
Meeting adjourned at 7:37 p.m.

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