PTSO Meeting Minutes February 2019

Meeting Date: February 7, 2019
Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:04 p.m.
Introductions of everyone in attendance
January meeting minutes reviewed. Minutes are approved as read.
School Community Liaison Report
Ms. Mosconi reported on the following:
-The school is inviting parents to be on campus, throughout the day as extra eyes and ears, before school, at lunches, and after school. Just check in at the office and thank you!
-We welcome parents to use our family computer in the office to go into ParentVue or StudentVue to check their student’s grades.
-Reminder: Parent Teacher conferences begin February 14th and 15th with early dismissal each day.
-There are many orchestra/band/choir concerts and plays that we want parents to attend.
-Next STEM night is February 28 from 5-7 p.m.
-We are currently tutoring 270 students focusing on math and language arts with students who were on the cusp to help them with AZ Merit testing.
-Marquee sales are growing, $25 this month.

President’s Report
-Lynn brought up an incident that had occurred the day before. There was no notification until the next day after it happened. Principal, Dr. Aleshire explained that the situation was assessed and evaluated individually like all incidents. We discussed how they assess and determine notifications. Dr. Aleshire didn’t know how far the rumors had gone, we talked about perhaps letting him know more clearly in the future to help the school determine what communications are necessary. No news is good news—we can assume they’ve assessed each situation individually and will advise if there are concerns about any threats or situation.

Principal’s Report
Dr. Aleshire reported on the following topics:
-Site Council: the school printers are OLD. They have approved buying six. The school has 36 on the network. We may donate money that is earmarked to purchase some more printers as well.
-There is a grant for PE locker rooms—they are getting two water filling stations. They will share their bid with us. So we can evaluate whether we get some as well with the same bid.
-PBIS-got feedback from student Advisory periods. Students would love to have a slushee with a teacher as much as lunch. The following suggestions were made:
*Print an item on 3D printer- 20 bulldoggers
*Movie in the Cafeteria: 1 per quarter, 6th and 7th period- 40 bulldoggers
*Lunch with a teacher- 1st one 60, 80, 3rd+ 120 bulldoggers, or Lunch with a teacher 60 and do it on per quarter
*Rent games for outside – 30 bulldoggers
*Slushie with a Teacher: 40 bulldoggers
*Homework pass: 20 bulldoggers
*Free seating: 10 bulldoggers
*Lunch in a teachers room with friends: 40 bulldoggers per student
*Taco in the Tower: Open to all grades
*Lunch on the Catwalk: 40 bulldoggers per student
We voted to move 300 from STEM, 300 from BOOST, 300 from Fine Arts, 800 from PBIS Golden
Ticket to the PBIS funds to cover past overages and future rewards.

Treasurer’s Report
Karen reported the following:
From the budget sheet: Checking Balance - $18,497.48; Savings Balance - $6417.20; Paypal - $1043.28
Amount in checking for us to use (minus restricted funds of $8,249.72) $10,108.84; Undesignated funds (we can use at our discretion) - $2211.04
Expenses and Income
$628.98 Teacher Polos (part of charge from last spring - 222.60, $406 from this fall PTSO Portion)
$5.97 for envelopes for PBIS lunches
$5.00 for stamps
PBIS Lunches (1/10 to 2/1) -$1550 (this weeks lunches are covered by change returned and money left on cards)
Breakdown is: 1/10 & 1/11 - 350; 1/17 360; 1/24 & 1/25 $400; 1/31 & 2/1 $440
2/7 & 2/8 using change and cards
$216 Lost and found shelving
$66.97 Lost and found rack
$1043.28 2019 Football passes. This money needs to be held for the 2019-2020 school year
Requests/Deposits - Restricted Budget lines (paid into by clubs, groups at school)
Received $13.50 from Choir water sales
Received $100 from Choir candy sales
Received $30 from Ms Bittel for STEM Night Fund (hospitality fundraisers)
Received $5 from Marquee Bday
Check Request from Choir to payment music membership $257
Check Request from Ms. Bittel/STEM Night line: pay Lisa Bradford for supplies $17.98
Call for reimbursements/Payment
$128 Teacher Polos (Mansfeld paid $500) Dr. Aleshire is requesting PTSO pay remaining $128 talked
to Lynn From Bullfrog, these are separate invoicies
$121.37 to Catherine Davidson rugs for main office.
Some budget lines to watch:
-PBIS lunch expenses are much higher far than previous years. $509.28 overbudget and 3 months to go.
-Teacher Appreciations - $144.87 over and we still have actual teacher appreciation week in May
-PTSO Business Supplies - will go over when we file taxes status change
-Talked to 8th Grade breakfast chair about having students contribute to their breakfast (current budget $1250). She mentioned if TUSD is breakfast vendor, students who receive free breakfast would not have to pay.

New Business:
-Fundraising committee presented water bottle samples for us to order to sell. Student Council will do a survey of students to find out how many people would actually purchase.
-Erika Carter had expressed a concern about the office staff indiscriminately buzzing people in during school hours, and that Dr. Aleshire was going to work with staff on this issue.

Next Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 7, 2019, at 6:00 pm in the school library.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm.

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