PTSO Meeting Minutes March 2019

Meeting Date: March 7, 2019
Maria (Lynn was ill) called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.
Minutes approved as read.

President’s Report
Discussion about recruiting for PTSO attendance and all (or mostly all?) new board members are needed for the Fall. Cami spoke at STEM night and we can be sure and do that again at the next/last STEM night in May. We’ll put info sheets at a table for upcoming registrations and we can speak at orientation again.

Principal’s Report
Dr. Aleshire reported on the following topics:
• Hired two teachers at last month’s job fair will be at job fair this week to hire for additional personnel including Innovative Learning Coach position
• Science Olympiad Team placed 4th in competition and will be competing at State next month
• Soccer teams, both boys and girls remains undefeated
• Kwame Alexander visit was a huge success! Thank you Site Council!
• Partnership with Rec. Center; we will be hosting out 8th grade promotion ceremony there, free passes for all Mansfeld Staff
• 3rd Quarter STEM Night as well as 1st event welcoming families to Mansfeld last week, both huge successes and exceeded attendance expectations
• End of 3rd quarter benchmarks, waiting for cut scores to then determine areas to address ahead of AZ Merit
• Site visit by Dr. Trujillo, impressed with the school, its cleanliness, work on scaffolding instruction and engagement in classrooms. Highlighted 7th grade classroom sizes during the walkthrough.
• Development of District Steering committee to address overenrolled school such as Mansfeld and THMS. Will be working with this committee to provide recommendations to District protocol and policy to help ease enrollment issues.

PTSO Updates
• Abandonment project now in official limbo with City Council pending approval. We discussed again, writing a letter of encouragement to the city as there are many safety concerns with leaving the street/parking lot as is. A parent will draft a letter for many of us to sign in support of moving forward.
• Classroom bins to help ease loads students have in backpacks-Dr. Aleshire found some but at least one teacher opposed and will offer alternative bin proposal.

School Community Liaison Report

Ms. Mosconi reported on the following:
-We are currently tutoring or mentoring approximately 294 students! UofA student tutors are currently on Spring Break, they will begin again on Monday.
-The uniform closet is an ongoing project needing volunteers (doesn’t have to be the same people more than once, just needs help. Can be easier with two organizing together.)
-Marquee is fully up--missed a couple of messages but am getting it all down and made $25 last month.
-Any questions, please call Ms. Mosconi at 225-1834 or email at

Treasurer’s Report
Karen reported the following:
From the budget sheet: Checking Balance - $17.473.94; Savings Balance - $6517.35; Paypal - $2260.44; Amount in checking for us to use (minus restricted funds of $8,184.23) $10,108.84
Undesignated funds (we can use at our discretion) - $10,262 (the formula was not adding savings before). Did a manual tabulation (of what's left to spend, plus our overages and then added savings to what's left)

Expenses and Income
$58.98 to Ms. G, approved at Jan Meeting.
$121.37 to Ms. Davidson for office rugs approved Feb Meeting
$758.88 to Big Frog from budget and approved in Feb Meeting

$2260.44 2019 Football passes. This money needs to be held for the 2019-2020 school year
$25.00 in Marquee birthdays, passed on at Feb Meeting, goes into Teacher appreciations

Requests/Deposits - Restricted Budget lines (paid into by clubs, groups at school)
Received $63.90 from PTSO Hospitality for STEM Night
Received $645.55 from the sales/auction from the Choir Booster Club, the Lip Sync Battle (returning
$300 in change and depositing money from sales)
Received $60.00 from entries fees from Choir Booster for Lip Sync Battle
Received $44.37 from Booster for auction from Choir Booster
Cash request from Choir Booster for change at the Lip Sync Battle ($300, returned with $645.55)
Check Request from Choir Booster for competition fee $100
Check Request from Choir Booster for Food/drink sales cost at Lip Sync $141.13
Check Request from Choir booster for bus deposit $454.50

Call for reimbursements/Payment
Brain Bowl meals (haven’t received yet); Seth Aleshire $171.27 for PBIS items

Funding requests
Approved up to $250 for STEM night prizes
Approved up to $650 for Mr. Van Vliet Math/car project.
Approved $400 for Musical Theater (Frog and Toad) Deposit. PTSO will pay $400, company will return the $400 when materials are returned. Presented by Jazmin Willard for the Choir Boosters.
$1650 will be transferred from the savings account to add money to the STEM supplies, Fine Arts supplies budget lines.
PBIS – new menu was passed out. No new funds requested at this time.
Suggested we revisit funding a printer. Informed 2 printers were purchased. Discussion on printer shelved for filtered water stations.
Note: Received $65 from Ms. Mosconi from marque requests.

New Business:
-*discussion continues on best bins to assist.* In order to assist with backpacks being too heavy, teachers requested 12 storage bins, they will research and propose bins
-Ms. Mosconi presented a request from Mr. Van Vliet. It’s his first year teaching at Mansfeld and he’d like to request funds to purchase supplies to make cars (meets many STEM focuses for 7th graders).
Those supplies can be reused for years to come. Discussed and approved up to $650 for supplies.

Next Meeting and Adjournment:
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 2, at 6:00 pm in the school library.
Meeting adjourned at 7:16 pm.

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