Course Description

  • Summary

    The 6th grade performing arts courses are sometimes called Music Exploration.

    They were created for any student who has not been involved in an organized music program like Band, Orchestra, Chorus, or Private lessons.
    As a step in preparation for more advanced arts courses offered at Mansfeld like Instrumental music or 8th grade musical theater, Music Exploration give students a glimpse at how music plays a role in those disciplines as well as in Dance and Theater; arts that are strongly supported at Tucson High School.

    The class is designed to help familiarize students to music at a basic level of understanding through the use of keyboards, fundamentals and music
    writing. Students are also exposed to many types of theatrical music literature as it is covered chronologically in music history.

    This course is integrated with other subjects areas to help the students develop an insight of the "Art's place in the world."

    The musical topics discussed and concepts studied are developed from the Music Standards listed on the Arizona Department of Education Web site
    and on the National Music Standards listed at the Music Educator's National Conference (MENC) website.
  • The focus in 6th grade performing arts is the mastery of the following concepts
    * Demonstrate how music is created.
    * Create music using recognized musical symbols
    * Listen to and write music notation accurately
    * Recognize music from the past and connect to events of those periods.
    * Recognize different cultural music.
  • Music Experience not necessary!
    Having some musical knowledge for this class is helpful but not necessary. Listed below are some music sites that can test what you know, or they can help you to learn as well. HAVE FUN!

Grade Criteria

  • Rubrics
    Developed to figure out the levels of understanding for any subject. These rubrics were developed as a guide for Music Exploration using information obtained either from
    Music Educator's National Conference, "MENC," or the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington D.C.

    The numbers represent a grade level of music understanding.
    The criteria listed below represents what is necessary knowledge for each grade.

Student Samples

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