Section 1. Procedure.

The elections of the officers shall take place as the last Agenda Item during the next-to-last Regular PTO Meeting.
All members of the organization shall be eligible to participate in an election.
Only those members in attendance shall be allowed to vote.
The Nominating Committee shall present a list of recommended eligible candidates for each office.
Additional nominations may be made from the eligible members of the organization in attendance. Each additional nomination must be seconded and must be accepted by the candidate.

Section 2. Terms of Office.

The term of each office shall be one year.
The new board shall officially assume control at the last Regular PTO Meeting of the year.
A person shall serve in office for a maximum of two consecutive terms. That person shall immediately be eligible to serve in a different office.
A person who has served in an office for two consecutive terms shall be ineligible to serve in that office for a period of one year.

Section 3. Eligibility. Eligibility for serving as an Officer of the Executive Board shall be limited to residents of Tucson and/or South Tucson and those Regular Members who are parents or legal guardians of students attending Mission View Elementary School.

Section 4. Selection. A majority of the votes cast by the voting members shall be necessary for election.

Section 5. Termination. With the advice and consent of the Principal, an elected officer may be terminated prior to the end of the term by a majority vote by the Executive Board.

Section 6. Vacancies.

The Executive Board shall temporarily fill any vacancy in office because of death, resignation, inability to serve, termination or for any other reason.
An election to fill the unexpired term portion of the term vacancy shall be held at the next Regular PTO Meeting consistent with the procedures established herein.

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