The elected officers of this organization shall be a President, Co-President a Vice President, a Secretary, and Treasurer
Officers shall be elected by nomination conducted by a vote in the month of August
All PTO members are eligible to hold office.

The Executive Board shall plan all PTO activities. Final approval by the school administrator.


The responsibilities of the President and Co-Presidents shall be:

      To serve as the principal executive officers of the organization.

      To preside at Regular and General Meetings.
      To prepare the agenda for each formal meeting
      To serve as an exercising member of all committees.
      To coordinate the work of the officers and committees with input from all interested Mission View members.

     To supervise, facilitate and direct all of the activities of the organization, subject to the control of the Executive Board and the direction of the membership


The responsibilities of the Vice President.

      To preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and all meetings of the membership.

      The responsibilities of the Secretary shall be:
      To keep accurate minutes of all formal Mission View PTO meetings
      To publish and distribute a summary of the minutes to the President and the Principal within five days of each meeting.
      To provide and read the minutes of the previous meeting for approval at each regular PTO meeting.
      To have a current copy of the Bylaws.
      To keep a calendar of PTO and school events.
      Maintain a sign in list.
      To keep track of and report correspondence received by the Mission View PTO such as teacher requests and thank you notes.
      To keep a copy of all Mission View PTO notices sent to the school community.

      To keep a copy of all requests for donations made by the Mission View PTO.


 The responsibilities of the Treasurer shall be:
     To be responsible for all Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable for the Mission View PTO, maintaining full account of all funds.
     To make disbursements, such as checks or vouchers as authorized by the Executive Board and signed by a teacher member.

     To present a written financial report at each Regular PTO Meeting and General PTO Meeting.


All officers of the Executive Board shall have authority to enter into contracts, agreements or obligations for the purpose of materials or services on behalf of the Mission View PTO but only within approved activities and budgets. Subject to final approval by the Administrator

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