Section 1. Regular PTO Meeting

Regular PTO Meetings shall be held approximately once per month, the time to be established by Co-Presidents and the Principal.
The schedule of the Regular PTO Meetings shall be announced at the beginning of each year.
At Regular PTO Meetings, normal business of the Mission View PTO shall be conducted.
A minimum of 5 registered members present, including two officers, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business in any PTO meeting.

Section 2. General Membership Meetings

The time and place of the General Membership Meetings shall be announced at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.
The General Membership Meetings will normally coincide with major school events.
At General Membership Meetings, the board shall report on events, fundraisers, and the PTO’s financial status.
The President or Treasurer will collect all invoices during the regular held general membership meetings.
The President and Treasurer will distribute all reimbursement for the invoices during any of the regularly held general membership meetings. Reimbursements may also be picked up from Mission View Elementary Secretary if you indicate this on the note provided with the invoice.

Section 3. Voting. Unless otherwise dictated in these Bylaws, a simple majority vote of the members present at any meeting shall be required for all action to be taken by the organization.

Meeting protocol

Order of Business
Call to Order
Roll Call
Treasurer’s Report / Finance
Old Business
New Business
Schedule of Events

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