PBIS (Positive Behavioral Information and Supports) is a school-wide approach to discipline that is pro-active. Its’ purpose is to establish a social culture in the school that supports social, emotional and academic success. The School PBIS Team uses data to create supports for students who need assistance to make positive behavior changes.

At Myers-Ganoung, we practice the Four B’s:

Be Respectful

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Kind

We are proud of being a “Kind Kids School”. Students are taught the behavioral expectations at the beginning and middle of the year. Behaviors are modeled, acknowledged, monitored and retaught as necessary. Teachers and staff may give “Caught Being Kind” slips to students, when they see them demonstrating one of the Four B’s of the school. The goal is to provide positive reinforcement, at least four times as much as negative.

Every month, we also have a character trait that we emphasize. At the end of the month, a student from each class is chosen to attend the Kind Kids’ Ambassadors Luncheon – where they get pizza, special recognition, and some special games and activities. This is a way of acknowledging students who are making good behavior decisions and exhibiting the character trait of the month.

In addition to recognizing positive behaviors, PBIS incorporates a system of consequences for students who may need additional interventions to learn and practice proper behaviors. This is not punitive; rather, it is to make sure the student understands what is expected and is given support so that they can make behavior changes.

When implemented with fidelity, PBIS schools have shown reductions in office referrals, increased attendance & classroom learning time, and improved student achievement. Myers-Ganoung Mustangs are proud to be a PBIS school.

PBIS Behavior Matrix (in PDF)

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