Dress Code

Although uniforms are currently not required at Oyama, however for safety reasons, and general well being we ask that you follow these standards:

Shorts, skorts, and skirts can be no shorter than four inches above the knee. Shorts must be at or above mid-calf.

Tops cannot be longer than the ends of the fingertips.

No sagging or baggy shorts or pants.

No violent, gory, drug/alcohol/gang related, or sex related images on any type of apparel.

No shirts can be worn above the midriff. If spaghetti straps are worn a shirt must be worn underneath- this includes sports jerseys and muscle shirts.

No caps, hats or scarves or bandanas.

All shoes must have a back. No Flip Flops please!

Students are not wear tattoos or spray painted hair or distracted hairdo to school.

No shoes with wheels.

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