April 2020


April 13, 2020


Good Morning Rincon Families! Hoping you are healthy, happy and had the opportunity to enjoy the holiday weekend.

***Official End-of-the-Year TUSD Grading Policy for High Schools

During the school closure, students will have educational opportunities designed to IMPROVE their grades. If a student does not complete any work during this time, their Quarter 3 progress grade will be their final grade. However, students interested in raising their grades should be completing teacher prescribed, electronic assignments or curriculum packets provided by TUSD (information below). Completed assignments that would hurt student grades will not be entered into the gradebook. However, if the completed work would help to raise the grade, it will be entered into the gradebook.

This is a prime opportunity for students, especially for those who had low or failing grades at the end of Quarter 3, because there is no way for a grade to go any lower than it was on the Quarter 3 progress report. Grades can only improve from this point forward, if the work completed would help to raise the grade.

Important Note: This does not mean that work submitted during the closure will automatically raise a student’s grade. However, if the student completes an assignment, turns it in, and the score on that assignment is better than the student’s current grade, it will be entered into the gradebook. If a student turns in an assignment but does not do well on the assignment, which could potentially lower the Quarter 3 grade, the assignment will not be entered into the gradebook. Only scores that help improve a grade will be entered. Teachers will be communicating with students regarding assignment grades.

Teachers have been making every effort to contact all of their students. If your student has not heard from a teacher, encourage your student to reach out to the teacher directly via email. All teacher email addresses can be located on the Rincon website and on StudentVUE.

Keep in mind, every Rincon teacher will be holding three ZOOM office hour sessions per week to support their students. These sessions are not mandatory, but if you have a student who is struggling to understand an assignment and needs direct support, this is an opportunity for them to connect “face-to-face” with their teachers.

*This grading policy does not apply to Pima College Dual Enrollment Courses. Students in Pima College Dual Enrollment Courses will need to follow the guidelines set-forth by Pima College.

**This grading policy does not apply for students enrolled in online Edgenuity Courses. Students in Edgenuity Courses are expected to finish their courses. These students should be in contact with their Edgenuity teachers for more direction and continue working online to complete their Edgenuity course(s) by May 15th, 2020.


Paper Curriculum Packets for Students Who Do NOT have Internet Access

During the week of April 14th we will distribute our final set of Paper Workbooks for this school year.  We have workbooks available for every Kindergartener through 8th grade that can be picked up at the student’s school they are enrolled in.  There are also High School core class workbooks and CTE packets if students do not have online access.

Below are the distribution times.  Please pick up workbooks at your child’s school as we are tracking which students received workbooks.

Location of Distribution: Rincon High School Administration Parking Lot in Front of the Main Office Doors

  • Tuesday, April 14th - 7-10 am
  • Wednesday, April 15th – 12-4 pm

Families wishing to pick up Curriculum Packets should enter the east parking lot off Arcadia, where the security monitor station is located. Pull in front of the Rincon Administration Office doors where we will be waiting indoors. When you arrive, stay outside and observe the social distancing regulations, remaining 6 feet away from others. No one will be allowed inside the building except Rincon employees. We will come outside to get your student(s) name, go back inside to look up the student’s schedule to ensure we get the correct packets, then bring them out to you.  There is no need for anyone to get out of their cars or to come inside the building.

Our teams will be wearing gloves and face coverings.

Information regarding homework packet return will be forthcoming.

AP College Board Information

The following link has important information about Advanced Placement Courses including exam dates. If you are currently a student enrolled in AP classes, please click on the link below to review more information.



Seniors official graduation date will still be May 21st, 2020. However, it will depend on governmental regulations as to whether or not we will be allowed to hold our graduation ceremony on that date. If we cannot hold our ceremony on that date, we will have to postpone the graduation ceremony for a later date.

It is imperative that seniors and their guardians review their Quarter 3 grades together and keep track of Edgenuity course progress. Seniors who had a failing grade at the Quarter 3 progress period or do not complete a required Edgenuity course are at-risk of not graduating. If you have questions about your student’s graduation status, please contact the student’s counselor, Brenda Kazen or Jill Morgan.


Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year

Don’t forget, if you have not gone online to complete the registration process for next year, please do so as soon as possible. We are in the process of building student’s schedules and if your student is not officially registered, there is a chance that he/she may not get the requested courses.

There is detailed information about how to complete this process on the Rincon website.


Still Have Questions?

Jacqueline Lynch and Terry Lantz are available by email if you have further questions or need additional support. Their email address can be found on the Rincon website. If you’d like to connect with someone telephonically, please call our attendance office phone numbers and leave a detailed message. Our attendance office staff will call you back and/or ensure that the appropriate person to help you with your questions/concerns gets back to you.

If you need technology support with one of the TUSD loaner laptops, please contact the TUSD technology department at 225-4800.

Thank you all for you continued patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We all miss our students and hope that they are staying healthy.


Rincon Administration

April 3rd, 2020

Happy Friday, Rincon Families!

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your patience and flexibility as we navigate these unchartered waters.

Important Information To Know Right Now...

1. Student Grades: Right now, the work being assigned to students will NOT hurt their grades. Work that is completed at this time can only help improve student grades. The TUSD Governing Board will be reviewing recommendations regarding students' grades on April 7th and make a determination on how grades will be calculated as we move forward. Following that meeting, we will have more information, but for now, the work your students completes will only help their grades. For instance, if your child completes an assignment incorrectly or "misses the mark", the score will not be entered and your student will be excused from the assignment. However, if your student completes the assignment and receives a score on the assignment that will help improve the grade, he/she will receive the credit for it. Right now, teachers are keeping grades in "old school" grade books, using pencil/paper, until we get further direction for our governing board. Hopefully this will help to ease some of the tensions and fears that you may have while we all develop routines and structures for effective online learning.

2. Teacher Office Hours: Many of you have heard that your students' teachers are all holding three ZOOM sessions a week. These ZOOM sessions are designed to serve as "office hours" where your child can check-in with their teachers, making "face to face" contact, if they have questions, need clarification, need some assistance on what they are working on, or just want some human interaction with someone from school. Every teacher on campus will have three, one-hour sessions of "office hours" per week. These are not classes and students are not required to be at all of them. Again, the office hours are designed to help your students, very similar to our typical morning conference periods. We understand that some teacher's office hours will conflict with other teachers. This is why each teacher is responsible for holding three sessions per week. That offer flexibility for your student to make "face to face" contact with their teachers as needed.

3. Teacher Contact: If your child has not heard from a particular teacher, please have your child log on to StudentVUE where he/she can click on the teacher's name which will automatically pull up the teacher's email address OR go on to the Rincon High School website because all teacher's email addresses are listed there. Teachers have been attempting to reach all students, but if for some reason your child's email address isn't working or they haven't heard from a particular teacher, please advise your student to email that teacher to ensure the teacher has your student's correct contact information.

4. Loaner Laptops: At this time, Rincon High School has issued over 400 loaner laptops to our families. The TUSD technical support number is 225-6333 if your child runs into to computer issues and needs support. If you were unable to make it to the Rincon laptop distribution this week and do not have computer access at your home for your student to access, contact 225-4800, which is the TUSD hotline designed to help families who need computer access.

5. Graduation 2020: We are still planning to hold graduation. If we are allowed to have a large gathering on May 21st, we will keep the original date. However, if not, we will postpone the ceremony until we are allowed to hold it so our graduates still get to enjoy their well  deserved moment of glory on stage!!! If you have questions about caps and gowns for graduates, please contact Jostens personally, at 520-344-8777.

6. Questions: Any questions you may have, please contact the Rincon attendance office. Our  awesome attendance ladies are checking the phones daily, and following up with families to help them in any way they can.

7. Online Registration for Next Year: Don't forget to complete your online registration to secure your spot at Rincon for the 2020-2021 school year. 

8. Summer School: If public restrictions are lifted, we are still planning to hold summer school courses. More information on summer classes will be forthcoming. 

9. Closure Student Mentors: Several of our Rincon classified employees, such as security monitors and teaching assistants, will be selecting students to "mentor" at this time. Our hope is that every student on campus will have a mentor. The mentors will be reaching out to parents, first, to introduce themselves and ask you what the best way for them to contact your child will be. Then, the mentors will be reaching out to your student weekly, simply to check-in on your student, and assist with any support your student may need as a way to keep your student personally connected to Rincon during the closure.

New AP Testing Info >From the College Board:

This email provides key information about the 2020 AP® Exams. We recently sent you an email about our commitment to provide free, remote learning resources and a new at-home testing option for this year's AP Exams. As promised, additional details are now available, and we'll continue to provide updates in the weeks leading up to the exams. A great resource for learning about this year's AP Exams isTrevor Packer's presentation.

Exam Dates

Most AP teachers and students we surveyed prefer to test earlier, while the content is still fresh.

Exams will be given from May 11–22.

Makeup test dates will be available for each subject from June 1–5.

Students can take exams at home or in schools, if they reopen.

Each subject's exam will be taken on the same day at the same time, worldwide.

View the full testing schedule.

I am hopeful that our Rincon students and families are doing well during this challenging time. I am truly looking forward to seeing each and every one of you, again! Stay safe and healthy.


Mrs. Welch

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