At Tucson Unified, we recognize that gifted students have special educational needs that should be met within the context of educating the whole child through a variety of services and options. The role of the Gifted Education program is to:

  • Identify the particular abilities and needs of these students.
  • Challenge students functioning at the highest level of ability.
  • Encourage underachieving students who are capable of the highest performance.
  • Promote higher level creative and productive thinking skills throughout the district.
  • Promote creative or productive achievement.

The District is committed to providing all students enrolled at the District with equal access to the District’s Gifted and Talented Education program.

Roberts Naylor is a Self-Contained GATE School for the Elementary grades that includes Pre-GATE Kindergarten. Roberts Naylor is open access GATE for grades 6 through 8. Middle School students do not have to test into GATE to enroll in open access GATE classes.

Self-Contained Services - Students attend full time, five days per week at a school that accommodates the feeder pattern based on the neighborhood school.


Here are our amazing GATE teachers:

RN GATE Teachers

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