A Message from the Principal: 8/23/19

Hello Sam Hughes CREW!
Curriculum Night and TUSD Code of Conduct
Thank you for coming to Curriculum Night! We appreciate you coming to get a look into what the year holds for your student. I am proud to say that each member of the Sam Hughes faculty is Highly Qualified and Appropriately Certified to be instructing your student.

At Curriculum Night, I presented the TUSD Code of Conduct. The TUSD Code of Conduct is our guide that outlines the behavior expectations, rights, and responsibilities of students and staff. We use Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports to build a positive school culture. We are intentional about teaching our CREW expectations to support student in understanding how to be a positive member of the Hughes Community. We use Restorative Practices to help students learn how to be accountable for their actions. We take the time to process situations so that we can learn from the experience and change behavior in the future. Students often participate in Restorative Circles where they are able to see the impact of their decisions, brainstorm ways to correct the situation, and then the teacher or principal will to determine and explain the consequence for their actions according to the Code of Conduct.
You can access the Code of Conduct at
Additionally, at Curriculum Night, teachers discussed their standards based curriculum. We invite parents and community members to view curriculum for all subject areas!  The TUSD Multicultural Curriculum for 2019-2020 is available at
What is Ago/ Ame?
Here at Sam Hughes we use a common attention-getting signal when addressing our students. Have you heard an adult say, “Ago” and the whole room respond with, “Ame?” It is quite powerful to witness! I asked Mr. Rodarte to share the context behind the choice of this signal:
We have borrowed the call and response of "Ago. . .Ame" from the Twi language of West Africa (near Ghana).  Any member of the community may use Ago if they need to get the attention of the group.  Ame is the response that acknowledges hearing the speaker, and a willingness to listen with respect.  The call demonstrates respect for other members of the group, but it also gives acknowledgment to the importance of honoring other cultures as part of our learning.
If you join us at one of our monthly Community CREW assemblies, volunteer in the classroom, or spend time with your student at lunch, you will see Ago/Ame in action.
Site Council Update
Site Council held their first meeting of the year on Thursday, August 15th. The Sam Hughes Site Council is an advisory board that supports strategic planning and decision making for the school and the allocation of the Tax Credit budget. The Site Council is comprised of representatives of the various stakeholders in our Sam Hughes Community. We have certified teacher representatives, parent representatives, classified staff representatives, and a representative from our community that is not employed at the school or a custodial parent. Site Council meetings are open to the public and we follow Open Meeting laws. Members of community have the ability to address the council during Call to the Audience, but are not able to engage in discussions with the council. Meeting dates are announced in the PTA newsletter and meeting agendas will be posted around the school at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.
At our first meeting, we reviewed our current roster for the council to determine if we need to recruit any additional representatives. I will share the roster with you as soon as it is finalized, so you know who is representing you! Additionally, I presented the 2019-2020 Code of Conduct, and we voted our first Tax Credit allocation for a field trip.
At the meeting on the 15th, Ms. Gascho submitted a funding request for the entire school to participate in a program with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. Site Council approved the request to fund a portion of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra Music in the Schools program. This program offers the opportunity for three musical groups to come to Hughes for 30 minute presentations and for our students to attend the KinderKonzert and the Young Person’s Concert. This program occurs in the Spring, so more information and details will be shared as the program gets closer. Thank you Ms. Gascho for bringing this experience to Sam Hughes!
Pancake Breakfast

This Saturday is our annual Pancake Breakfast!  Join your fellow Huskies for free pancakes provided by our amazing PTA!

Book Fair

The Book Fair is here!  Encourage a love of reading while supporting our school.  Your amazing support has brings many new books to our campus each year.  In addition, funds raised through the Book Fair allow us to have Birthday Books!  Every student on campus will receive a free book during their birthday month (August will happen in September).

Thank you for another wonderful week at Hughes!
Ms. Bolasky

Thank you,
Kathryn Bolasky
Sam Hughes Elementary

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