TAP Graduation: TAP Graduated 8 Amazing Women in May 2019

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TAP graduated 8 amazing young women in May of 2019.  Notable achievements: all 8 graduates have signed up for FAFSA monies and have clear plans to pursue a post-secondary (college or trade school) degree or certificate.  Francisca Urias received over $6,000 in college scholarships due to her participation in the Lapan College Club (a local program that supports young women to volunteer and mentor others and provides financial rewards for success in middle and high school).  Francisca also learned at graduation that the Lapan Organization plans for pay for her 4 years of college tuition....Amazing!  TAP is proud of our graduates.  They have all worked hard and are examples of teens who can parent, complete high school and pursue their dreams beyond high school.  TAP High School supports students to realize their potentials, identify and pursue their goals.  As a community, we encourage and support all students to keep their lives in perspective, learn how to manage what can be overwhelming life challenges, and keep their focus on graduating from high school and planning for college and career. 

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