Welcome to TAP's New Early Childhood Learning Labs


TAP High School is always striving to improve our services and facilities.  TAP is a high school that offers all courses needed for high school graduation in live and online format.  The school has 4 Early Childhood Learning Labs to ensure that students learn best practices with respect to birthing, parenting and how to manage new parenting with their busy lives.  If you have not been to TAP or are a returning student, ask about our new Early Childhood Learning Labs which teach parents and provide daily care for student's infants and toddlers ages four weeks to their 2nd year birthdays. TAP continues to redesigned our 4 Early Childhood Learning Labs to offer to best services our students' babies.  This means TAP students can attend school with their babies and carry out all parenting responsibilities while still attending high school.  Nurseries also serve as hands-on learning labs where students earn credits while they learn and perform baby care practices while pregnant and parenting.  Not sure about safe parenting practices? Learn them with us.  Don't know what to expect when giving birth?  Learn what to expect, questions to ask and things to request during the birthing process from our full time nurse.  Becoming a parent can be challenging, but TAP and our nurseries are in place to support our students through this amazing and challenging experience.  We specialize in ensuring that teen parents can balance parenting while continuing to focus on their own growth and development. 

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