It's All About Attendance!

For the past year and a half, TAP High School has been collaborating with the United Way of Southern Arizona's Cradle2Career (C2C) Project to study the impact of student attendance (and absenteeism) on their progress toward graduation.  This partnership  has contributed to TAP's ability to  track the success of our new Advisory Course, our new Conference Period and our on going focus on improving student attendance.  We all know that if you are going to graduation from high school you must attend school regularly.  This can be a big challenge for pregnant and parenting teens.  TAP is proud to work with the amazing folks from United Way and our other community partners to continually improve the services to and the success of our students.  Finishing high school while raising a new family is often a surprising and very stressful challenge to our students and their families.  TAP is structured to support students and their families through this experience and we have a high level of appreciation for the local organizations and volunteers who help to support our mission.  

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